We have been in Torekov and visited Yeba & Lotta:) Yeba is born in our D-litter (Asla x Minos)
We have had some lovely dog ​​walks in the wonderful environment as always.
At the same time it´s a little sad, can not help but think that for many years were their five girls who were playing around on the golf course and on the beach. We miss you
Asla & Awena:((, so many great memories together from this lovely place. We started to spend our New Years in Torekov because our Asla didn´t  like fireworks.
But even after her passing away, we went there because it was so nice to be there. This year, we didn´t lived at Lotta & Yeba´s place in their house as they have for rent, we borrow another friend's house this year. There was so much fireworks. But at the same time it was interesting to see how Safire and Toulouse responded, as we never had to witness it. They slept well in the bed when the clock struck twelve, just checked up a few times but fell asleep again. I can not describe the feeling:)))))) But even though they do not react to fireworks, we will if we can, and if it is possible spend the New Year in Torekov. Some more pic here


Senaste nyheterna