A week ago, I received some lovely pictures of Asla & Awena daughters
Brunette and Vilja. The pictures are from their stay in Småland where they spent a few days in the woods tracking and just went for lovely forest walks.
Brunette is born in our B-litter( Asla x Luku) and is a litter sister to our Safir, in a few months they celebrate their nine-year birthday.
Vilja is born in our E-litter (Awena x Wilson) and in a few months she will be celebrating her sixth birthday, time flies.

At the beginning of this month, Vilja entered a big Dog Show in Gothenburg called My Dog.
Four days of showing and a lot of dogs, but Vilja and her mum were only at the show for one day.
Unfortunately Vilja was not this jude cup of tea:( he thought that she had neither the neck or shoulder?!
And gave her a very good.
Hm, judge for yourself...
Well, don´t take Dog Shows too seriously! and I know that Vilja´s owner don´t do that either.
Last exhibition Vilja entered she was winner in Openclass, placed in Best Bitch and CAC winner.
Thanks for all the pictures and info of the girls Emma:)

All pic © Emma M

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