Ch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" grandchildren Elvis, Daia & Adele.

This weekend there was a Dogshow in Norway again. This time the Rhodesian Ridgeback specialty Show!
Some of Ready´s offspring (Primus grandchildren) participated:)!

Nuch Ridgedogs In Love With Elvis finished very nicely as 2nd Best male!
Elvis little sister Ridgedogs Made With Love Adele Juniorclasswinner with CQ!
And Adele´s big sister Nuch Ridgedogs Love At First Sight"Daia"  EXC 3 in Championclass with CQ!
Judge: Per Iversen
Unfortuately I do not have any recent photo of Daia.
Big congratulations to breeder and owners

All pic © Ridgedogs Kennel 


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