9 LITTLE WONDERS 7 boys ♥ & 2 girls ♥
Dear Primus, now your granddaughter Daia has got puppies and a little bit of you are in them ♥

Me and Primus loving last farewell ♥ Me and Primus loving last farewell ♥

I know many people will miss you Primus,you have left a memory in many peoples hearts! Some people have told me that it was you who made them choose a ridgeback as a companion. Can you get a better grade or tribute? Run free Primus ♥

Asla x Argos son Ch Ghali Akili af Argos”Primus” granddaughter ♥
Ch Ridgedogs Love at First Sight"Daia" ♥
will have her first litter with Saimons Pride Never Give Up"Noah"  
For more information about this upcoming litter, contact Ann Kristin Ridgedogs kennel 
All pic © Ridgedogs Kennel


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