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2011-06-30 Life goes on after the puppies has left. Xavi has moved to his new family, he is still in Sweden with his new family.

He is doing well and seem to be settling in just fine with his new family, and that is great :) we still miss him so much!

I have recieved more lovely greetings from our e-litter puppies, they will be up here soon! Thank you

2011-06-27 More greetings from our Ghalidogs!

2011-06-22 It has now been more than two weeks since the first of the E-puppies moved to their new homes! I still have one boy left at home Sweet Xavi :)

We are now enjoying our final days with this sweet boy. I don´t know if our famliy will be ready to give him up next week.

He really has become so close to us :) Xavi is a very sweet, loving and happy boy! it will be hard!

But we are spending our days playing and giving him the best possible start with socialisation and environment training, before he moves next week.

Awena is doing great:) and it warms my heart to see them play and cuddle together :)

Awena has had her milkbar open to the end, she has not get tired of taking care of her children and this has been hard on her and also because of the circumstances during her delivery and the complications after :(

She is a very sweet and loving mum!

This video is taken when her puppies were 7 weeks old, here you can see how it looks like every morning when we carried out her puppies to her in our garden.Take a look below :)

When the puppies were finnished she just jumped over the fence.

I have also recieved two videos from Ingvar :) when Awenas brother Ghali Adani af Argos " Jamba" and Awenas son Ghali Excellent Troyan is playing! take a look below:)

I have also updated with some stack and movement pictures of some of the e-litter puppies taken when they were 8 weeks old! Take a look below.


Sweet "Quita" Ghali Excellent Jade has spend last weekend with us :) since her mum Helene went with Awenas other daughter Ghali Grand Cenna for a tracking weekend with Anne and Aslas son "Chimani" Ghali Great Dillon.

Quita, her brother and our girls had so much fun on our walk in Klagshamn! pictures of Quita coming soon.


2011-06-21 I have recieved greetings from our e-litter puppies in there new homes :) take a look below!

Thank you!!! keep on sending me pictures :)

Xavi and Eureka on our daily morning walk Xavi and Eureka on our daily morning walk

2011-06-16 I will update the page soon with more mixed pictures from last week!

I have also recieved more new pictures of the puppies from their owners :) coming up here soon! Thank you!!!!

Miss Eureka is moving to her new family today, a bit sad but at the same time she is moving to a great home :) and will spend her days with Safirs sister Brunette :)

Tomorrow I will have the priviligue to spend the weekend with Awena & Wilsons daughter Quita :)

2011-06-13 It has now been a week since the first E-puppies moved to their new homes. I still have two puppies left at home so isn´t so quiet and empty here yet. One of the males Ghali Excellent Troyan has moved home to Awenas brother "Jamba" Ghali Adani af Argos :) and Ingvar told me that everything is great so far.They will  be active in tracking, obedience and of course enter the showrings in the future!

One of the girls Ghali Excellent Jade has moved home to Awenas daughter Ghali Grand Cenna, from Awenas first litter :) she
looked very promising right from the start and has an absolutely lovely personality. She lives just 20 minutes away from me. Our hopes is that she will continue developing this nicely.They will be active in tracking, obedience and of course enter the showrings in the future!

Another of Awenas daughters Ghali Excellent Eureka also very promising will move home to Aslas daughter Ghali Golden Brunette. Eureka also lives near by us, only 10 minutes away.

They will also be active in tracking, obedience and of course enter the showrings in the future!
Our hopes is that both of them will continue developing this nicely:) and if they stays healthy and happy they will also be a part in my breedingprogamme in the future.


One of our flowers Ghali Excellent Yale "Luna" ( Flower Pink) has been to her first horse race with her new family, everything went great:) happy and curious! in a few weeks it will be time for the annual Falsterbo Horse Show :) and Luna will be there the hole week with her dad Maxime, perhaps there is an opportunity to play with sister Qita then!  

I have updated the puppies gallery with a lot of mixed pictures from their last week together, week 7-8 here >> and some pictures in the 8-9 week gallery here >>


The two puppies I still have with me has gotten to explore new places with me and my daughter My! We have taken them for their first walk outside with leads on, watching cars, bikes, dogs and people pass by!


I have recieved pictures of the puppies from their owners, most of the pictures I have recieved in my mobile, but here are som mixed ones that I got in my email! Thank you everyone!! please keep on sending me pictures :) take a look below!

2011-06-08 The E-Litter has turned 8 weeks old and six out of 12 has now moved to their new home! They also had their  first vaccination, ID-chips and health checks.

They were all healthy and happy and behaved so well :) all the males had their testicles down, and no faults we didn´t already know of.

All the puppies seems to have done very well their first day/night with their new families :) and I`m grateful for all the updates I´m getting from their new owners :) and I have started to recieve pictures of the puppies from their owners :) thank you!!!

I wish you all the very best in your new families ♥, and I will be seeing all of you again very soon:)

They are all getting their own page here, but it will take some time.

I have updated the puppygallery with a lot of mixed pictures of the whole gang together can be seen here >>

More pictures will come as soon as I can. We have also had a very dear visit again of daddy Wilson and mum Johanna, they have been with us for a few days :) and I must say that Wilson is a very sweet and easy dog to fell in love with :) he settled in very well with our girls and the rest of the family. 


2011-06-02 We have now gone in to the last week with the puppies, I have only four hole days with all the gang.

The first puppies start to leave on monday, feels both good and bad!

Until then we are spending our days playing outside keeping buzy!

2011-05-30 Today the puppies are 7 weeks old!

Just one more week before the first of them start to move to their new homes. The first puppies start to leave on Monday.

Some will stay a few days longer and one of the males will stay to the end of June then he will move to his new family in Belgium.

We are enjoying the final week together with all  Awena & Wilsons puppies :)

They really became so close to you.

On Sunday they all going to have a visit by the veterinary for their health checks, vaccinations and ID-chip.

Yesterday we had a visit from Jessica and Fredrik they took new individual headshots and stacks of all the puppies:)

Check out the new stacks and headshots below taken 7 weeks old, or here >> 

Thank you so much Jessica and Fredrik :)


This week on Monday was Malin here and helped me to take some new pictures of our e-team.

Ivé got the pictures yesterday:) some of them you can see here and the rest are in their gallery here >>

Thank you Malin :)

They have also had some nice visitors this week from some of our friends, old puppy buyers and new puppy buyers.

The puppies have tried to taste the deer hoof for their first time, they all loved it, some more than others :) pictures coming!

We are enjoying the days outside in the lovely weather :) Awena really like to play with the puppies, and her milkbar is still open.

All the puppies are now insured :)


2011-05-23 The puppies are now 6 weeks old! time flies! Just two more weeks until they are ready to move to their new homes!

The past few days they have spend outside in the nice weather, they have all got to try out the puppy pool again.

They have also had some childvisitors.

Awena is taking great care of them and is a very sweet and loving mummy.

All the males have their testicles down.

I have updated their gallery with some new mixed pictures from the last couple of days, more pictures will be up here soon.

The new pictures can be found here >>

2011-05-16 Today the puppies are 5 weeks old! They have had a few new experiences these past couple of days.

They have spend some time with me and My out in the kitchen and some quality time in our livingroom on the couch with our girls.

They have also got to explore our garden checking things out on their own.

The puppies had a lot of visitors on Saturday by their new owners, we could spend all afternoon outside in our garden.

Some pictures below taken by Malin W.

Thank you all for a very nice day :)

2011-05-12 We are all enjoying our days outdoors in the lovely weather :)  the puppies are outside from ten in the morning until six o'clock in the evening. Many new sounds and experience :) for them.

Some of them have also got to try our puppy pool, where some enjoyed it more than others.

Their playarea has gotten a bit bigger it's so fun to see how they play with their toys and they really having a blast running around and chase each other.

They have also been introduced to our lawnmower (gräsklippare), it was very interesting.

I've also got to washed their collars so now they are clean and nice again.

The puppies turned 4 weeks on monday and I and Johanna had a photoshoot on sunday and we  took the first stacked  pictures on sunday of the puppies. Some of them had just eaten before our photoshoot so thats why some bellys are quite big :)  See the result from our photoshoot down below! or here >> I have also ordered necklaces to all our puppies with their official names from Kennel Kifani in Norway!

Check them out below!

On saturday we will have the puppies future owners here for a visit, it will be great to see you all again! 


2011-05-09 The puppies became 4 weeks old yesterday! we have had a dear visit from daddy Wilson and grandma Johanna :)

Me and Johanna have tried to take their first stacks, not the easiest with these very hungry guys :) almost impossible to get to sit still they just lay down, stands up or turn their heads.

The results of our first stacking attempt will be up here when I have the time to go through them all, come back to see more!

But I have updated their gallery with some mixed pictures can bee seen here >> The past few days they have spend outside, they are more awake and playful now. 

Awena & Wilson

2011-05-05 The puppies are now 3½ weeks old! I have updated their gallery with some mixed pictures from week 2-3.

Pictures from their first visit in our dining room, take a look here >> This week I have also taken 3 weeks individual headshots of the hole bunch again :) take a look  below (click on the pictures for larger sizeAwena has also gotten to come along with us at our daily morning walks, which she has enjoyed very much :)

She has lost a lot of weight and muscles during this so we hope she will get back in shape and beach 2011 soon :) 

We look forward to the weekend and a visit from daddy Wilson and mum Johanna:)

No other news at this stage.

2011-04-30 The puppies continues to grow and develop,they have started to get their teeth and is more playful during their short awake moments of the day.

They all want to cuddle with you when you get in to the puppybox, so sweet.

It´s easy to get caught in there for a long time!

The other day they all were outside for the first time :) some pictures below and more in the E-team gallery here >>

2011-04-28 The E-litter is now a little bit over 2 weeks old.

All the puppies are growing steadily, some more than others.

They are moving around a lot more now and they become more and more aware of each other and their surroundings.

They have also started to play a little with each other, so cute :)

The other day I took 2 weeks individual headshots of the puppies, you can see them below.


2011-04-27 Some pictures from their first taste of maizegruel. 

2011-04-25 Pictures taken from their first taste of solid food, minced meat mix

2011-04-23 They all have their eyes open now :) so cute. And they are walking around pretty well in the puppybox.

2011-04-22 I have taken individual headpictures of the hole gang the other day.The puppies turned 10 days old yesterday, and they have started to slightly open their eyes :)

Instead of dragging them selves they are now walking around in the puppy box.

My temporary bed is a favorite for both Awena and her babies.

Awena has also starting to take shorter naps outside the puppybox.

They are all gaining weight and have more than doubled their birth weight by now.

Yesterday they all got to try solid food for the first time, they all enjoyed it!

They have also been dewormed for the first time at the age of 10 days.


2011-04-18 A report from the puppybox!

Today the puppies turn 1 week old!

Awena and the puppies are doing very well so far. They are all eating and gaining weight.

I have cut their claws for the first time the other day, it was a lot of claws!

They are making their way around the puppy box.

1 week individual headpictures of the gang can be found below. 

2011-04-13 En liten rapport från valplådan :)

I söndags kväll satte värkarbetet igång, 02.20 föddes den första valpen (en hane).

Sista valpen föddes 15.30, vi misstänkte att det fanns 1 valp kvar och bestämde oss för att åka ut på djursjukhuset och ta en röntgen, för att vara på den säkra sidan.

Mycket riktigt var där en valp kvar.

Efter flera misslyckade resultat att få ut valpen den normala vägen och flera timmars tung väntan på Malmö djursjukhus, tyckte veterinären att vi skulle åka hem, och hoppas på att den kom ut under natten.

Men ingen valp kom, i går morse bokade vi in en ny tid för röntgen på en annan veterinär klinik för att slippa sitta ytterligare en dag i flera timmar och vänta.

På eftermiddagen fick vi en tid och en ny röntgen gjordes, valpen var kvar och vi beslutade att  vi var tvugna att göra ett kejsarsnitt för att få ut den. Så igår kväll kom vi hem med en mycket trött och medtagen Awena.

Hon har varit så himla duktig och lugn hela tiden.

Valpen var tyvärr inte vid liv, vilket vi inte trodde heller (en hane med korrekt ridge).

Och viktigast för oss var ju Awena och hennes hälsa

Totalt hade Awena 14 valpar i magen, 13 av dom kom den normala vägen.

Av de 13 som föddes normalt var tyvärr en tik dödfödd (korrekt ridge)

Vi gjorde allt vi kunde för att försöka rädda henne, men tyvärr gick det inte.

I valplådan har vi nu 6 hanar och 6 tikar, både valparna och Awena mår bra.

Och hon tar väl hand om dom :)

Ett stort tack till den kär vänliga personalen för all service till Awena, valparna och inte minst oss.

Födelsevikten på valparna låg mellan 445-610 gram.

Ingen ridgelös, ingen kroksvans, ingen sinus, eller andra fel har hittats än så länge.


Jag har inte haft möjlighet att höra av mig eller svara på mina mail som ni säkert förstår.

Vi har behövt hämta in energi och sömn.


2011-04-11 Valparna är på väg!!!  :) än så länge finns det 3 hanar och 3 tikar i valplådan fler på väg!

2011-04-10 Här hemma går vi i väntans tider, Awena är väldigt trött, bäddar för fullt, fortsätter gräva i trädgården och är mer tung andad.

Vill gärna inte ha något att äta , men jag har fått i henne lite tiksoppa, tror att det snart drar ihop sig.

2011-04-08 Awena pictured on day 59 in her pregnancy.


2011-04-07 Awena pictured on day 58 in her pregnancy and her belly measured 103 cm

And saving up energy for what is to come.

2011-04-06 Today is Awena on day 57 in her pregnancy.

It's getting hard for her now with this big belly... 

She has began preparing her own puppybox by digging in our garden...

She still eats with big appetite several times a day. We only go for shorter walks around the neighbourhood.

Awena is one determined lady and speaks very clearly about how she wants it:) Sometimes she goes up on the top floor, but most of the time me and Awena sleeps downstairs.

2011-04-04 Awena is today on day 55 of her pregnancy!

We have now reached the last week,and I belive the delivery to start in the end of this week. 

She delivered her first litter on day 61, so I think she will start before assumed delivery date (63).

We are spending the days taking short walks and just resting :)

She is taking it really easier, and of course it´s understandable.

Her belly is getting bigger and bigger.

Otherwise she is still doing very well!

2011-04-03 Today is Awena on day 54 in her pregnancy, and her belly measured 100 cm.


2011-03-30 Awena is getting bigger and bigger, she is doing very well but she is taking it easier,

She has gained a lot of kilos and a lot of centimetres around her waist.

2011-03-26 Awena pictured on day 46 in her pregnancy and her belly measured 92 cm

2011-03-21 Awena pictured on day 41 in her pregnancy

2011-03-16 Today is Awena on day 35 in her pregnancy, her belly is really so round and cute :)

I took the opportunity to take a picture of her when she is sunbathing and enjoying the sun in her bed on our terrace after a long and lovely morning walk in the sun.

2011-03-12 Awena pictured on day 32 in her pregnancy

2011-03-10 Awena is in whelp :) the ultrasound today confirmed what we already suspected.

It showed that there is a lot of puppies in Awena´s belly :)

2011-03-07 Waiting, waiting! it´s now more than 3 weeks since Awena and Wilson had their first mating.

Only a couple of days left until ultrasound, I would be surprised if Awena isn´t  in whelp, but soon we will know! 

She have felt a bit morning sick and have not wanted to eat the last few days.

Otherwise she is doing well.

2011-02-11 We have gotten back from our trip to Stockholm and meeting with Awena´s boyfriend Wilson!

Awena had two dates with Wilson the first on Wednesday and the second on Thursday.

They had two succesful matings :) where they were stuck together and got a hanging for 23 minutes.

There second mating they were once again stuck together and this time for 21 minutes.

When we came to Stockholm it was -10 degrees :( but luckily Johanna had arranged so we could be indoors both days.

It was nice to meet Wilson outside the showring, he is a very sweet and happy ridgeback male :) who liked to play with my husband :)

So we are now hoping that their dates will produce some lovely results for us!

2011-02-09 We drove to Stockholm to meet Awenas boyfriend Wilson and his mum Johanna :)

2011-01-25 Awena is in heat and will be mated with Wilson within 2-3 weeks :)