GALLERI F-KULLEN  (Klicka på bilderna för större storlek)

2012-06-02 It has now been two weeks since the first F-puppies moved to their new homes!

So it´s very quiet and empty here.

I have received more greetings from our F-litter puppies in their new homes:) taken by their new owners!

Take a look below, Thank you!! Please keep on sending me pictures:) makes me happy!

We have also spend two days this week with Safir and Lloyds lovely daughter "Toulouse" Ghali For I'M Farika:)

Pictures coming up here soon.

2012-05-28 Life goes on after the puppies has left.

I will update the page soon with more mixed pictures from their last week!

I have also recieved more new pictures of the puppies from their owners :) coming up here soon! Thank you!!!!

Yesterday me, Ulf and My visited Miss Yellow, Ghali For I´m Farika "Toulouse" Safir and Toulouse played so nice with each other! 

On Friday we will have the priviligue to spend the hole day and evening with her:) 

2012-05-25 It has now almost been a week since the first of the F-puppies moved to their new homes.

We want to say thanks to all the new wonderful owners for the updates on how they are doing and so far all is good!

They seem to be happy and playful puppies:) and they have setting in just fine in their new homes:)

We have received pictures from the puppies new homes, most of the pictures we have recieved in my mobile, but here are som mixed ones that I got in my email! Thank you everyone!! please keep on sending me pictures :) take a look below!


First out was Ms Purple, Ghali For I´m Flavor"Keniya" her mum Ida will try to enter the showrings in the future and will be active in tracking and obedience.

One of the females Ghali For I´m Fallon"Pippi" has moved home to Asla´s brother´s daughter Windy :) Minna told me that everything is great so far.Me and Pippi will be entering the showrings in the future if she continue developing this nicely!


One of the males Ghali For I´m Fire N'íce "Zorro" has moved home to Awenas brother Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" son Zimba. Our hopes is that he will continue developing this nicely.And that I maybe can show him in the future.They will also be active in tracking and obedience!


Another of Safir´s daughters Ghali For I´m Farika"Tolouse" also very promising:) she and her brother

Ghali For I´m Fennan"Texas"  lives near by us, only 10 minutes away.

They will also be active in tracking, obedience and enter the showrings with me in the future!
Our hopes is that they all will continue developing this nicely:) and that they stays healthy and happy:)


I have updated the F-teams gallery with the last mixed pictures from week 6-7 HERE always the newest pictures in the top!

Here will be more pictures coming up here of the F-litter puppies from week 7-8 and from week 8-9! Keep an eye on the website for more updates.

2012-05-21 The F-Litter has turned 8 weeks old and five out of seven has now moved to their new home!

The last two will leave today.

All the puppies seems to have done very well their first day/night with their new families :) and I'm grateful for all the updates I´m getting from their new owners :) We have started to recieve pictures of the puppies from their owners :) thank you!!!

I wish you all the very best in your new families ♥ and I will be seeing some of you again very soon:)

They are all getting their own page here, but it will take some time.

I will also update with a lot of pictures from their last week, when I had time to go through all the pictures:)

2012-05-18 We only have today and almost the hole day tomorrow with all the gang.

The first puppy start to leave tomorrow in the evening, feels both good and bad!

On Wednesday we had a visit from the vet for their healthchecks, ID-chip and vaccination. They all behaved very well!

They were all healthy and happy and behaved well :) no faults we didn´t already know of.

She also thought the puppies had very nice bite, and beautiful heads

The puppies have also got to play some more with some deer hoofs:)

See lots of pictures from the last week with the puppies HERE .

2012-05-15 Lats week with the F-team. We are now enjoying the final days together with the F-litter.

Luckily they are more hard work now so it is starting to feel ok, to see them leave soon.

But they still have their moments when you just want time to stop and you can keep them like that forever.

We have had a fun weekend :) the puppies has been running around in our garden and explore everything.

We also have had a  lot of visitors:) a dear visit from Karin:) Saros mum (Safirs brother) it's so fun to watch the dogs how happy they get for some people:) Awena just love Karin and Saros.

Tomorrow it´s time for the vet to come and do their check ups.

Until then we are spending our days playing indoors and outdoors keeping buzy!

The last mixed pictures can be seen in the F-team gallery HERE

2012-05-12 Today the puppies are 7 weeks old!

Just one more week before the first of them start to move to their new homes. The first puppy start to leave on Saturday.

Some will stay a few days longer. We are enjoying the final week together with all Safir & Lloyds puppies :)

On Wednesday they all going to have a visit by the veterinary for their health checks, vaccinations and ID-chip.

Lots of mixed photos from week 6-7 can bee seen HERE

2012-05-08 We have had a wonderful weekend:) and we spend our days outside

The puppies have also had some nice visitors this weekend from some of our friends and old puppy owners.

The puppies have been allowed to meet Asla x Minos daughter Doris with family

Asla x Argos son Rossie with family and Awena x Lex son Caspian with mum Anneli and her daughter Isabella.

They have tried out the puppy pool, some liked it more than others:)

Yesterday we had a visit from Sören again, he helped us to check the puppies for DS:) (Dermoid sinus) and he did not find any:) what a relief, Thank you Sören

2012-05-05 The puppies are 6 weeks old today! time flies! Just two more weeks until they are ready to move to their new homes!

The past few days they have spend outside in the nice weather, they have all got to try out the puppy pool again.

I have updated their gallery with some pictures taken from their first taste of deerhoof.

The new pictures can be found HERE

We have also taken 5 weeks individual headshoots they will be up here soon.

Wish you all a very nice weekend:)

2012-05-03 We are all enjoying our days outdoors in the lovely weather :) the puppies have been outside from ten in the morning until six o'clock in the evening this past days. Many new sounds and experience :) for them.

They have gotten to taste their first deerhoofs, and they loves it!

Safir is taking great care of them and is a very sweet and loving mummy, her milkbar is still open!

I have updated the last pictures from week 4-5 in the F- team gallery.

And plenty of pictures from their fifth week, see all of it HERE

2012-04-30 The puppies are now 5 weeks old. They are awake for longer moments every time and play a lot more. They have been outdoors several times, on Thursday when the puppies was 4 weeks and 5 days we took some pictures when they were outside on the grass for the first time.

We also took some head shoots of them sitting on a chair outside, you can find them below.

We are taking so much photos of the puppies, but I feel my time to go trough them all is limited... The puppies are now awake longer and longer and then I of course want to spend time with them.

Safir is still feeding them milk and she is taking great care of her puppies.

Awena is helping Safir with the puppies, and they both love to play with them.

Yesterday we spend several hours outside on the grass which the puppies loved.

I have also updated with plenty of pictures from their fourth week, see all of it HERE

2012-04-28 The puppies new colllars has arrived:)

This year without their names on, instead they have a lion and a ridge on the collar.

It´s the fourth year in a row that we have ordered our puppies collars from Kennel Kifani in Norway. And all have been beautifully handmade by Marianne.

Check out their homepage HERE

2012-04-25 This week Safir has started to play with the puppies, she is doing it so well and seems to be loving her mother hood.

It's so fun to see how they play with their toys and they really having a blast running around and chase each other.

Yesterday all the puppies were outdoors in the lovely weather.

And we took some individual pictures of the hole bunch again, they will be up here soon.

They puppies have also spend some time with me and My out in the kitchen and some quality time in our livingroom on the couch with our girls.

Safir has met her brother Saros for the first time in many weeks:)

Picturesfrom week 4-5 will be up here soon!

For now you can enjoy the last pictures from week 3-4 in the f- team gallery HERE.

2012-04-22 Yesterday the F-litter turned 4 weeks old!

They have been dewormed for the second time.

The other day we took some headshots of the gang:) they can be seen below!

Yesterday we have had all the new puppy owners here for a visit:) we look forward to seeing all the families more the next couple of weeks.

Safir is still an excellent mom very calm and relaxed. And she still thinks that her kids just need to eat in the milkbar!

They have been outside for the second time and they seemed to enjoy it!

2012-04-21 The puppies get to meet a lot of people of all ages.  They had a lot of visitors on Saturday by their new owners, we could spend all afternoon outside in our garden.

Some pictures below from all the childvisitors in the puppypen.

2012-04-18 The puppies are now 3½ weeks old! I have updated their gallery with lots of new mixed pictures from week 2-3, and some from their first visit outside in the new gallery week 3-4 HERE

This week I have also taken 3 weeks individual headshots of the hole bunch again :) not easy!

Take a look below (click on the pictures for larger size)

Safir is still an sweet and loving mom, and she enjoys our daily morning walks with the rest of the pack.

The puppies has gotten a bigger playpen now and most of them pee and poop on the newspaper.

They are now being fed by us twice a day, but it is not easy because Safir just want them to eat in her milkbar!

We look forward to the weekend and a visit from our new puppy owners,

2012-04-14 The puppies are now 3 weeks old!

It's a luxury to have these wonderful little small jewels to sniff and cuddle with , they are so cute:)

And it's also great to see how Awena helps Safir with the puppies, and that she let her.

The puppies continues to grow and develop, they have started to get their teeth and is more playful during their short awake moments of the day.

The puppies play with each other more and more and at this stage stealing each others noses... There has been a little bit of ear pulling as well, those small teeths are now on the way!

I have also change the puppies collar. 

I have updated their gallery with some mixed pictures from week 2-3 HERE

And some pictures below from their first taste of maizegruel.


2012-04-12 Today the puppies are 19 days old. They still sleep a whole lot but when they are awake they get around more!

They are now playing with each other, trying to bite and chew... their baby teeth are starting to come out now.
Most of them walk to the newspapers to do their business. Some of them do it wonderfully, but far from everyone this early on.

We are enjoying our puppies:) it's so nice to sit in the puppy box. They all want to cuddle with you when you get in there.

It´s easy to get caught in there for a long time!

The other day they got to taste maizegruel (majsvälling) for the first time. It use to be a messy meal, but not this time.

Pictures from this meal will be up here soon. But I have updated their gallery with some more pixtures HERE

2012-04-09 The F-litter is now a little bit over 2 weeks old. They become more and more dogs all the time, being more aware of each other. Yesterday we had a visit by one Ridgeback breeder. It was Sören H, he always helps us to check the puppies for DS:)

So once again the puppies  were checked for DS (Dermoid Sinus) and he did not find any! Very good feeling!

Thank you Sören!

All the puppies will be checked every week, and Sören will come back again.

I have also updated their gallery with some more pictures HERE


The F-litter is now 2 weeks old! Here are their new individual photos 14 days old.

They are really starting to walk around a lot more know since they opened their eyes!

2012-04-06 I have updated with pictures taken from their first taste of solid food, minced meat mix.

Much appreciated by most of them!

They all have their eyes open now :) so cute. And they are walking around pretty well in the puppybox.

They also become more and more aware of each other and their surroundings.

They have also started to play a little with each other :)

Safir is relaxed enough to leave the puppies and go to sleep on the couch or upstairs in my bed.

The last mixed pictures from the second week can be seen HERE

Yesterday they turned 2 weeks old and I cut all the puppies claws for the third time, and I took 2 weeks individual headshots of the puppies:) The will be up here soon.

Until then enjoy the pictures below from their first taste of solid food!

2012-04-05 Safir and her babies are doing just great :) today they are 12 days old!

She takes such good care of her puppies and everyone eats with great appetite.

Most of them are now out on the newspaper and pee

The stitches are taken and it has healed nicely. Yesterday she was outside with the rest of the pack for the first time since the puppies arrived:) she took it easy, despite that we met both deer and rabbits on our morning walk,

Today the puppies got to try their first solid food. I will hopefully come back with some pictures from this meal.

Some pictures below.


Yesterday our little babies turn 10 days old.!

Some of them have started to open their eyes a little bit, so within a few more days I think I will actually get some eye contact! ;)

They are all gaining weight and have more than doubled their birth weight by now. I get to sleep pretty well during the night with only a few short wake ups to check them.

They have also been dewormed for the first time at the age of 10 days.

Safir is doing great and have started to take shorter naps outside the puppybox

I have updated with new mixed photos in the gallery for the second week HERE

2012-03-31 Today the puppies turns 1 week old.

New individual pictures of Safir & Lloyds puppies below. I have also started a new album for the second weeks mixed photos!

The puppies has really developed a lot the last few days. Their ears has started to grow and the don't crawl around as much as before, now they acctually get up on all four, even though the walk is still very shaky!

We have also cut their claws for the first time the other day.

2012-03-29 The puppies are today 5 days old, can't believe it has almost been a week already! 

The puppies are doing very well so far:) and so does Safir.  




2012-03-27 The puppies are doing very well so far:) The are all eating and gaining weight.

Some more pictures in the F-litter gallery HERE

2012-03-26 We have 8 little wonders 3 boys and 5 girls!

A little story about the birth of our F-litter and some pictures:) you can find HERE

We are so happy and pleased with our babies!

So we have one male and a girl with ridgefault, no other faults discovered at this point.


 En liten rapport från valplådan :)

I fredags satte värkarbetet igång,10.35 föddes den första valpen (en tik).

Hon var tyvärr dödfödd.

Sen var det lugnt i flera timmar, och efter rådfrågan från en annan ridgeback uppfödare så väntade vi med att åka in till djursjukhuset med Safir.Det är en uppfödare som vi gärna rådfrågar och litar på. Hennes värkarbete var det inget fel på när det väl satte igång. Alla valpar kom ut med huvudet före utan problem.

På fredag kväll 21.35, föddes valp nummer två en korrekt och välmående hane:)

Valp nummer 3 föddes klockan 01.35, en lite mindre men korrekt tik.

Ytterligare många timmars väntan innan värkarbetet satte igång igen och valp nummer 4 föddes klockan 7.35.

Vi beslutade att åka in med Safir till Malmö Djursjukhus då det tog för lång tid mellan valparna, och att det även kunde innebära en risk för både Safir och valparna.

Under hela tiden var hon förvånansvärt pigg och tog hand om valparna på bästa sätt.

Väl inne på djursjukhuset röntgades hon, och dom kunde se att det fanns ytterligare 5 valpar kvar!

Så beslutet var inte svårt att fatta, förberedelser inför kejsarsnittet gjordes.

Efter cirka 1½ timme kommer dom in med valparna i kuvösen, 4 av dom otroligt pigga och livliga, en av dom lite medtagen.

Men efter en stund var det full energi även där:) cirka 20 minuter efter kommer dom med Safir:)

Allt hade gått bra och veterinären förklarade att det låg 4 valpar i ett av livmoderhornen och en valp i det andra.

På grund av denna tyngd skillnad hade ena hornet vridit sig och därför var det så trångt för valparna att ta sig ut. 

Puh... vilken lättnad att allt gick bra:)

Safir är otroligt pigg:) hennes energi är det inget fel på.

Mamma rollen sköter hon galant. I går tyckte hon att hon kunde följa med mamma Asla och syster Awena när Ulf skulle köra ut och rasta dom.

Hon stod länge och tittade efter bilen!


Totalt hade Safir 9 valpar i magen, 4 av dom kom den normala vägen.

Av de 4 som föddes normalt var tyvärr en tik dödfödd.

Vi gjorde allt vi kunde för att försöka rädda henne, men tyvärr gick det inte.

I valplådan har vi nu 3 hanar och 5 tikar, både valparna och Safir mår bra.

Och hon tar väl hand om dom :)

Ett stort tack till den kär vänliga personalen för all service till Safir, valparna och inte minst oss.


Ingen ridgelös, ingen kroksvans, en hane med en extra virvel och eventuellt en tik med bara en krona, långa ridgar, och nästan inget vitt, ingen sinus, eller andra fel har hittats än så länge.

Jag har inte haft möjlighet att höra av mig eller svara på mina mail som ni säkert förstår.

Men jag lovar att återkomma till er alla under veckan.

Vi har behövt hämta in energi och sömn.

Stort tack för alla grattis hälsningar till Safir & Lloyd valparna på mailen, mobilen och på facebook:)

Det värmer gott!

Nedan några bilder tagna igår, fler kommer:) jag lovar!

2012-03-24 Safir & Lloyds puppies are here!

They are all doing very well and so is Safir.

We haven´t gotten so much sleep tonight or the night before.

And this night sleeping with one eye open does steal some energy.

I will update with pictures and more information, but not today... Now after a very very long weekend it is time for me and the rest of the pack to rest!