Jag har uppdaterat Decembergalleriet med nya bilder!


Vi har träffat Asla & Minos dotter Doris, vi gick en härlig morgon promenad på tjejernas favorit ställe i Käglinge.


På Julaftons morgon träffade vi Safirs bror Sighsten med husse och matte ute i Klagshamn.


D-kullens individuella fotogalleri är nu äntligen klart.


Caspian och Damisi har parat, ett häng på 52 minuter och det andra på 1 timme och 34 minuter. Mer information hittar ni här.

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For those of you who have visited our website before, have probably noticed that we got a new one :) Because of this a lot of information and pictures are missing.

I hope to put up most of it in the near future.

You have probably also noticed that our guestbook has been removed, but it´s great that so many of you use our contact to send small messages on :)

I´m very pleased with our new website, and once again I want to say thanks to

Jenny Jurnelius.

I begin to understand how it works, but I still have much to learn.


Last weekend we met Safirs brother Saros for an early morningwalk, the girls really love to be with him on their hunting road. 

Saros and Safir are very similar in many ways.

I had my camera with me even this morning, because I wanted to get some new pictures of Saros.

Both Safir & Saros are not easy to photograph, they run a lot and all the time :) So I have to watch the few occasions where they acctually stands still for a moment.

Well I will be honest, the dogs don´t always like when the camera pops up!

But this time Saros agreed to be photographed, that´s why there are many on Saros :)

More pictures can be found in the Decembergallery.

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Awenas son Vilho and Aslas son Duke hitting the showring in Helsinki Winner Show this weekend.

Vilho competed in openclass for the first time :) and did a great job getting Excellent 1 both days and with R-CAC the first day.


Duke competed in juniorclass and gained Very Good 3 :) day two Duke decided to not show his teeth to the judge. First he showed them, but when the judge decided to take a closer look he backed. He didn´t like the judge, maybe it was because she washed her hands with antiseptic lotion between the dogs?

But Duke was not the only dog who didn´t like her.

Thank you for the report and pictures Meija :)

I have updated both Vilho and Dukes critiques


Vilhos handsome dad Lex BOB and Winner 2010! Big congrats to owner and breeder.







Primus & Mestayas puppies has turned 8 weeks old and has now started to move to their new home.We wish them all the best in their new families.


Primus second litter in Norway is born, for more information visit Kennel Ridgedogs.


Jambas & Sancys puppies turned 7 weeks old this weekend, and are soon moving to their new families, time flies!


This weekend we have met Safirs lovely brother Saros and mum Karin for a nice walk with the dogs :) I will update with pictures from our walk as soon as I can.

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En korrekt tikvalp och en korrekt hanvalp söker fortfarande efter ett kärleksfullt och aktivt hem, gärna till utställnings intresserade.



För mer information kontakta Anita på KENNEL BRISAMAR

TEL: 08-7746277 eller 073-3901001

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Last weekend we went for a nice early morning walk with Awena & Safir and Awenas brother Bosse with family.

There was so much snow, in some places so you had snow over your knees.

Good workout for the dogs, but also for us as well :)

Thank you Nina and Håkan for great company, and for the bird hearts :) the girls enjoyed it!

Lots of pictures from our walk you can find here >>

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Aisha has now given birth to 7 males and 4 females. 11 beautiful puppies.

All with ridges, black nosed, one female has a small kink.

Both Aisha and her puppies are doing well.

More information at KENNEL RIDGEDOGS in Norway!

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I recieved this lovely pictures of Awenas son Chico in my email!

I´m so happy that you send me this pictures :) Biggest thank you Åse & Mikael.


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Yesterday I went with Karin (Saros owner) to visit Sancy & Jambas puppies.

They were super sweet, but I´m a little partial.

Tomorrow they turns 6 weeks old, time really flies!

Some pictures of the cuties you can find here >>


Our B-litter´s individual photogalleries are clear.

Go to the B-litter page here >>

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Our A-litter´s individual photo galleries are finally clear.

To go to the A-litter page click here >>

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Yesterday we went for a two-hours morning walk with our girls and Awenas brother Rossi with family at our girls favorite place Käglinge.

At the end of our walk we met Awenas brother Bosse with family.

I took the opportunity to take some pictures of lovely Bosse.

Lots of pictures from our walk you can find here >>

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On Saturday me and Ingvar went to Denmark with Awenas brother Jamba and Safir, to be part of their annual Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty in St. Merlösa.

But the weather ended our tripp!

The snow was pouring down, and the cars crawling along the road, so we decided to turn back :(

Because we would not make it in time for the show anyway.

Instead we drove to the beach in Falsterbo so Jamba and Safir could run and play.

After our walk we took a coffee break in the snow.

Here are some pictures from our walk >>

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We have been with some of the D-litter dogs and Awenas son Caspian and his sister Cenna for a weekend with field/bloodtracking!

Caspian passed the aptitude test for fieldtracking :) just like four of our D-litter dogs :) Darky, Akili, Chimme and Enzi who all passed it in flying colours and recieved maximum point 42p.

The gunshot test they also passed without any problems.

Awenas daughter Cenna is such a tracking talent, she got two 1st prize as well as an honours prize :) Cennas results and judge comments here >> They have all did a great job and huge congratulations to all of you!

More info and pictures (only in Swedish) you can find here >>

Cenna och Helene
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I dag fyller finaste Lex och pappan till vår C-kull 8 år!

Stort grattis på dagen ♥

Finaste Lex
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Idag firar Awena & Lex valparna sin andra födelsedag!

Vi hoppas att ni får en super trevlig dag, med pastej tårta och annat smått och gott.


Awena & Lex valpar
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Vår gamla hemsida har sedan några månader tillbaka inte fungerat som den ska.

Så det fanns inget annat att göra än att skapa en ny.

Jag har haft turen att få hjälp avJenny Jurnelius :) hon har haft sidan klar under en längre tid, men jag har inte haft tid eller möjlighet att få till allt förrän nu.

Visst det saknas en hel del bilder och annat smått och gott, men det får helt enkelt komma efterhand.

Jag är oerhört tacksam över att Jenny hjälpt mig att göra denna fina hemsida, som jag är väldigt glad över.

Jag har inte lärt mig riktigt allt om hur den fungerar, det kommer väl att ta sin lilla tid :)

Men en sak är säker, jag kommer att tjäna in många timmar framför datorn, när det gäller att lägga in bilder :) Tusen tack Jenny!!!

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Awenas son Caspian blev 3:e bästa hane med CERT i Herning Danmark.

Stort grattis team Anneli & Caspian :)

Bilden är från SRRS Specialen i Råå
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Awenas son Vilho Excellent 1 and best male 3 with R-CAC and R-CACIB :)

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We have spend a few very nice days in Gothenburg at the two days International Dog Show My Dog!

We had the best company possible from some of the ghalidogs and their owners.

Lisa, Cissi, and our daughter My and I started our drive towards the west coast, Wednesday evening we met up with

Annelie and Rebecca and Nina and her friend Liisa.

It was so nice to meet Nina again and above all Vilho, I have not seen him since he left the puppy box.

We had a nice dinner at the restaurant and some small talks :)

Thursday morning after a very nice breakfast, we all went to the exhibition.

First out was Awenas sons Caspian,Chico,Zeb and Vilho,today´s judge was Rony Doedjins from the Netherlands, breed entry 79.

He started off by trowing out more than half of the juniormales with blue or yellow ribbons!

Luckily the judge liked our males, so out of 11 juniormales it was only 4 males that received a red ribbon and was called back.

Vilho and I ended up as number one with CQ, Zeb and Tina 2nd with honours prize and Chico and Lisa 3rd with honours prize.

Thank you Lisa for handling Chico so nice!

Tina and Zeb in front of the judge
Me and Vilho in front of the judge
Tina with Zeb and Me with Vilho

Awena & Lex sons in top three in juniorclass!!!! (out of 11 juniormales)

Winner in Juniorclass "Vilho" Ghali Grand Cinamon with CQ (Championquality)

Second place "Zeb" Ghali Grand Ceevine with HP (Honoursprice)

And 3rd "Chico" Ghali Grand Cap Cape also with HP

Awena and Lex sons in the top three!

Then it was time for Safirs brothers to enter the ring they both received a red ribbon and Saros ended up as number 3rd in intermediate class :)

I have no pictures of Sighsten and Saros :( if anyone has got pictures of them please send them to me, I would be so grateful :)

Then it was time for the Championclass to enter the ring, Primus and Lisa did great :) then it was time for best male.

We had two ghali dogs in best male competition Primus and Vilho and Primus ended up as 5th best male :) so happy!

I haven´t received any pictures from Lisa on Primus, but very soon I hope :)

Best male Athos with CAC, CACIB, BOS :) Congratulations Rebecca!

Then it was time for the females to compete, and the only bitch from us who competed today was Safirs sister Millie :)

she received a first prize and was placed as number 3rd in her class with HP :) 

After the show we went back to the hotel for some rest, we had decided that we would meet everyone later

at Anneli and Rebecca´s place to celebrate Athos and Rebecca with champagne!

We had booked a table at the hotel restaurant that evening and we all had a very nice dinner together :)

Nina, Karin and Richard
Anneli, Liisa, Rebecca and Helena
Cissi, Håkan, Nina, Peter and Helen
Håkan, Ingvar and Helen

On friday it was time for day two of showing, and this day my girls also will compete :)

Ulf drive up early in the morning with Awena and Safir, so nice to see them :)

First out was the juniormales, judged by Ove Germundsson, breed entry 93.

Even this day it was a very big juniorclass, all the ghali males received a red ribbon and was called back.

Once again Vilho won the juniorclass with CQ :) Caspian was placed as number 4 with HP and Zeb as number 5 with HP :)

I am so incredibly happy and proud of our youngsters!

In the other ring it was time for Safirs brothers in intermediate class, judged by Bertil Lundgren.

Both did an amazing job today Sighsten gained a 1st prize with a very nice critique and Saros was 2nd best male with CQ :)

Then it was time for Ingvar and Jamba to enter the big openclass, he was placed as number 2 with CQ out of 15 :) really great!

Ingvar and Jamba
Ingvar and Jamba

Then it was time for Primus and Bosse to enter the championclass, they both received CQ and Primus was placed as number 3

and Bosse as number 5 :) really great job.

Then it was time for best male competition and this day we had three ghalidogs in best male, VIlho, Saros and Jamba.

The judge thanked of all the young males and left was Ingvar and Jamba :) the judge placed Jamba as 3rd best male :)

one placement from the CAC, so close again.

Me and Vilho in best male
Ingvar and Jamba in best male

Then it was time for Safir and her sister Millie to enter the big intermediate class, Safir won the class with CQ and her sister Millie was 2nd :)

I´m so happy!

Then it was time for me and Awena to enter the championclass, Awena was placed as number 2 with CQ :)

And then it was time for best bitch, I had both my girls in the best bitch class so I asked Lisa if she could take Safir for me.

Even in this class the judge thanked of all the young dogs.

Awena was 2nd best bitch with reserv CACIB ! I´m so HAPPY!

Best breeder (from 2 different combinations) Primus, Jamba, Vilho and Awena.

1st prize with Honours prize :)

Critique: Jämn grupp ur 2 kombinationer alla tydligt könspräglade välkonstruerade med sunda rörelser.

Strama ryggar utmärkta benstommar, bra tassar, ett bra uppfödar resultat :) 

I´m so incredibly happy and proud of all the ghali dogs and their owners :)

I would also like to say thank you for the great company during these days, THANK YOU!

More pictures from this two day you can find below! 

Sweet Vilho


Awena & Lex sons in top 3 in Juniorclass!


Day 1

 "Vilho" Ghali Grand Cinamon winner in Juniorclass with Championquality

 "Zeb" Ghali Grand Ceevine  a 1st price and placed 2nd in Juniorclass with Honours prize

 "Chico" Ghali Grand Cap Cape 1st prize and placed 3rd in Juniorclass with Honours prize

 "Sighsten" Ghali Golden Bartess 1st price in Intermediateclass

 "Saros! Ghali Golden Bontell 1st prize and placed as number 3 in his class

 "Primus" Ghali Akili af Argos 1st prize with CQ and ended up as 5th best male

 "Millie" Ghali Golden Belamie 1st prize and placed as number 3 in her class with HP


Day 2

 "Vilho" Ghali Grand Cinamon winner in Juniorclass with Championquality

 "Caspian" Ghali Grand Caspian 1st prize and placed 4th in Juniorclass with HP 

 "Zeb" Ghali Grand Ceevine 1st prize and placed 5th in Juniorclass with HP

 "Sighsten" Ghali Golden Bartess 1st prize

 "Saros" Ghali Golden Bontell 1st prize and placed 2nd in Intermediateclass with CQ         

 "Jamba" Ghali Adani af Argos 1st prize and 2nd in Openclass with Championquality

 "Primus" Ghali Akili af Argos 1st prize and placed 3rd in Championclass with CQ

 "Bosse" Ghali Asani af Argos 1st prize and placed 5th in Championclass with CQ

 "Safir" Ghali Golden Blue Bell winner in Intermediateclass with Championquality

 "Millie" Ghali Golden Belamie 1st prize and placed 2nd in Intermediateclass

 "Awena" Ghali Awena af Argos 1st prize and placed 2nd in Championclass with CQ

 3rd best male today Ghali Adani af Argos

 2nd best bitch today Ghali Awena af Argos

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