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Asla´s lovely daughter "Enzi" Ghali Great Duchess from our D-litter! (Asla x Minos)


This past weekend has Awena´s lovely son Ghali Excellent Troyan from our E-litter, (Awena x Wilson )spend with me and my family :)

He is such a nice and sweet boy :) Troyan is living with Aslas son "Jamba" Ghali Adani af Argos, from our A-litter! (Asla x Argos) (Awenas brother) I look forward to having him again in january and then will his big brother Jamba also staying with us:)

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Aslas son "Primus" Ghali Akili af Argos from our A-litter (Asla x Argos) and his big brother King have been on a successful hunt!

Their owner Martin is a good hunter and they always follow him when he is out hunting:)

They hunt everything from deer, wild boar/wild pig, elk, etc.

The moose (North America) or Eurasian elk (Europe) is the largest extant species in the deer family.Moose are not usually aggressive towards humans, but can be provoked or frightened to behave with aggression. In terms of raw numbers, they attack more people than bears and wolves combined, but usually with only minor consequences.

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Ghali Excellent Jade "Quita" BEST PUPPY & BIG-3 (Out of 27 puppies)

Ghali Excellent Troyan 2ND BEST PUPPY MALE

Ghali Excellent Jaidan "Djembe" 2ND BEST PUPPY MALE IN (6-9 MONTHS)

Ghali Excellent Eureka "Vilja" 4TH BEST FEMALE PUPPY IN (6-9 MONTHS)

All with Honoursprize :)

2ND BEST SIBLING GROUP with Quita, Troyan and Djembe

Yesterday we went to the puppy show in Malmö! At this show there were 4 Ghali´s present from our E-litter, Awena x Wilson.Troyan, Djembe, Vilja and Quita.

In total there were 27 ridgeback puppies:)

So I am very proud and happy over this nice result, congrats to all of you!

And thank you for a wonderful day :) a special thanks to Karin ( Saros owner) for showing Quita to an unbelievable BEST OF BREED PUPPY!!!

Sorry but unfortunately to bad quality of all the pictures we took this day!



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Awena´s lovely daughter Athena posing for the camera :) 7½ months old!

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Awena´s son "Eldar" Ghali Excellent Nassak in the woods tracking with his big brother Moltas!

I have updated his gallery with some new pictures, go to his gallery here >>

I have also updated "Vilja" Ghali Excellent Eureka lates show critique >>


Eldar 7 months old & Moltas 9 years old!

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Awenas son Xavi at Omaha beach in Normandie!

Xavi has been on holiday in France with his family:)

Anne told me that he run like crazy when he felt the sand under his feet :)


I have also received news that Lily passed her final exams in the working dog club.

Sister Athena is training tracking, just like her siblings Eldar and Quita :)

Cenna has her obedience class every Sunday.

And Chimme, Brunette and Vilja are also training obedience :)

Thank you all for sharing your everyday life with me.

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Awena´s daughter "Vilja" Ghali Excellent Eureka BOB puppy with HP!

Yesterday at an inofficial show Vilja was showing off in the ring!

At this show it was only Vilja presented Ghali, and she did great :)

Congrats Emma :)

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Happy B-day to our C-litter :) 3 years old today!

Me and the rest of the pack wishes you the best of days.

And an extra thought goes to our star in heaven Xola.

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We are proud to announce the sire to our next planned litter at Kennel Ghali!

Our own Safir will be mated with Ch Shavano's Look Out For Lloyd in januari/februari.

Lloyd is a Thanzi son from the Shavano L-litter born in 2008.

Read more about our upcoming F-litter!

We look very much forward to this litter!


Fore more info, click on the picture below!

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Awenas lovely daughter "Esther" Ghali Excellent Misty :)

A really mummy look a like!

She has won 3 Best of Breed out of 5 shows :) so far it has gone very well for her and her siblings in our E-litter!

They have won 10 Best of Breed and 3 Best opposite sex, and only 6 months old!

Many of this best of breed wins has been on ridgeback speciality shows!

You never know what the future will bring!, but it has surely started off great!

All puppies that are shown from this litter has each won at least one Best of Breed!

I´m very happy and proud!



FOR SPRING/SUMMER 2012! So check in again for more info!

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Awena & Safirs vackra mamma Asla börjar bli en liten grånos :) men är man 9 år, så är det inte så konstigt!

Hon är fortfarande otroligt pigg och sätter ofta igång buslekarna här hemma.

Vi hoppas att vi får många fler år med denna underbara dam, och jag vet att jag är partisk, hahaha..


Fler bilder på Asla hittar ni i hennes egna galleri, bara klicka på hennes bild så kommer ni till galleriet.

Asla är mamma till vår A,B och D-kull!

Hon har 12 stycken champion avkommer både i utställning och i viltspår!

Och har därmed fått titeln CV.

Den tilldelas Svenska Ridgebacks, titeln kommer från USA, där titeln är officiell och kallas ROM (Register of Merit).Kravet är 10 Champion avkommer för hanar och 5 för tikar, hos oss betyder CV= Championvalpar.

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Några kul bilder från Awenas dotter "Vilja" Ghali Excellent Eureka!

Tack Emma :)

Scrolla ner för fler bilder på Vilja, hennes egna foto galleri hittar ni här >>


Vi delar väl lika matte???

Cider är inte dumt :) speciellt om man får dela med lillmatte!

Okey! då får vi se vad som händer i cyberspace!

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Awenas 2 daughters Ghali Grand Cenna & Ghali Excellent Jade "Quita"

At the lovely beach in Falsterbo!

Thank you Helene :)

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Aslas lovely son Sighsten from our B-litter!

Thank you Cissi :)

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I recieved this lovely picture of Aslas beautiful daughter Brunette :) (Safirs sister)

More pictures of Brunette in her own gallery here >>

Thank you Emma :)

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In our life, it happens not so much more than the everyday stresses of life.

All the E-litter puppies are growing and exploring the world in all possible ways:) I receive many emails and photos of them, and of course from our other litters to! but I'm not quite having the time to update the website or answer my emails as fast as I would like to, sorry for that!

Anyway, I wanted to thank you all for all the nice emails, sms and pictures! makes me very happy!


Our girls seems to enjoy life :) and all the playdates! They have met Safirs brother´s Saros & Sighsten and litter sister Brunette and Awenas daughter Vilja.

Sometimes they have an early morning playdate with Asla x Minos daughter Salma :) and their best dogfriend Vilda.


Aslas daughter Brunette and Awenas daughter Vilja have managed to do some blood tracks in this early autumn. Pictures will be up her soon!


I have updated Saros & Cennas photogallery with some new pictures.

Just click on their name to go to their photo gallery!

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I have updated our E-litter puppies ( Awena x Wilson) critiques from their latest dogshows!

Just click on their name below to go to their showpage.

Troyan, Vilja, Esther, Quita


The picture below is (Awena x Lex ) from our C-litter, beautiful daughter

SEVCH Ghali Grand Cenna :)

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We have had yet another great show weekend!


Me and Helene went to the International dogshow in Växjö, with Awena´s daughter "Quita" Ghali Excellent Jade and we met up with Quita´s litter sister

"Esther" Ghali Excellent Misty at the showground.

Awena´s daughter Esther became Best puppy female and BOB! with HP (Honours price)! Litter sister Quita was placed on a nice 3rd place. Sorry but we couldn´t stay to the finals!

Photos of Esther and Quita taken by Staffan Linner, thank you and congrats :o)!


Awena´s son NORDUCH Ghali Grand Caspian keep on rocking the ring. On the dogshow in Herning,(Denmark) Caspian became 3rd Best male!

Biggest congratulations to team Anneli and Caspian!


I have updated Cenna & Salma´s trackingresults!

Just click on their name above to go to the results.


Johanna & Esther

Esther showing her movements

Me & Quita and Johanna & Esther in the ring.

Johanna & Quita

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Lovely Peppe :) Asla x Argos son (Awena´s brother) from our A-litter! They celebrated their 6th birthday this year!

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I have updated Vilho´s tracking results and his gallery!

Click on his picture to go to his gallery, his tracking results you can find here >>

Once again congrats Nina to Vilho´s new champion title!



Awena´s lovely son Vilho, New Swedish Bloodtracking Champion!

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A while ago I recieved a lot of wonderful pictures of Awena & Wilson´s daughter Lily!

Thank you Johanna :)

Just click on her picture to go to her own gallery.

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A little while ago we had Awena's daughter "Esther" Ghali Excellent Misty staying with us for a week. So some mixed pictures of her playing with the girls can be seen in the fotogallery 2011!

Just click on the picture below to go to the gallery.


I have finally!! updated all the E-litter puppies galleries :)


I have also updated Awenas critique  from the dogshow in Norway and also her offspring page, updates about our latest litter the E-litter will also be up her soon.

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