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I recieved this picture in my email of Asla´s lovely son Peppe from our A-litter!

Thank you Marita:)

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I have updated the photo gallery 2012! with some pictures from our date with

Asla & Awenas daughters:) Ghali Golden Brunette & Ghali Excellent Eureka "Vilja":) Take a look HERE


Yesterday on our daily morningwalk we met Asla X Minos daughter

Ghali Great Dream"Salma":) and mum Maria.


And more great x-ray results coming in from our grandkids:)

Two of "Primus" Ghali Akili af Argos kids x-rayed free on hips and elbows!

Congrats to breeder and owners:)

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I got this lovely picture from Susanne in my mobile:)

It´s Awena x Wilsons son from our latest litter (E-litter)

Thank you:)


And to all our D-puppy owners!

Keep your eyes on your email!

I will soon send you some information about our planned get together:)

I have counted your whishes, and we have a winner!!!


And for all of you who are interested in some showtraining, more info coming on your email soon!

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After a nice trip to Norway:) we are now back at home!

We have just gotten back from our trip to Norway, and Safir had two dates with Lloyd! they both were very much interested in each other. So we are now hoping that their dates will produce some wonderful results for us!

So now all we can do is wait and cross our fingers that we will have puppies in about nine weeks!

If you want to know more about the parents of this upcoming litter you can find it HERE.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in a puppy feel free to email me at info@ghali.se!


Safir´s sister Awena started her heat before chirstmas. And I knew it would not be long until Safir also will started her heat.So I don't´t really know exactly when Safir started.

But we went with Safir to the same veterinary that we always use and which we have recommended others to.Because she has been right each time.

We took a vaginalsmear and it looked great, it turned out that Safir was very clear.Safir has one heat every 6 months.

We took the vaginalsmear on Friday,and our vet thought it was time for a first mating on Sunday.

I´m so happy with how great she is:) always calm and trusting us that things are ok. We did not expect Safir to be ready for a mating already on Sunday but we of course wanted to let her meet Lloyd and see how they would act. And when I say that it was love at first sight I am not kidding!They got a long so well and really liked each other which was lovely for us to see.

As she saw him she just showed him her bum and moving her tail saying she was ready! and after some playing they were stuck together. They were both so good and calm when stuck together:) even though this was the first mating for Safir! And Lloyd´s second.

We got a hanging for 25 minutes:)

(We did not get any pictures from this first mating since we were not really prepared and it was also dark outside...)


Waking up on Monday morning rested and happy about the fact that Safir had been mated already!

So we started the day with a nice breakfast and a morning walk around the hotel while the sun rised. So nice!Norway is incredibly beautiful!!


It was obvious that they were very much interested in each other even this day!And within minutes they were once again stuck together on their second date! and this time for 14 minutes.

Safir acts like she has done this before:) They both acted so well and we are so happy that both their matings went so incredible smooth.

Lloyd was just as great as we had hoped for. An absolutely wonderful dog with excellent temperament, friendly and happy:)

Now we just have to wait and hope!

So fingers crossed for a lovely bunch of puppies in March!

We want to say thank you to Lloyd´s owner Eline for letting us use your special boy.


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Lovely Awena x Wilsons daughter "Vilja" Ghali Excellent Eureka

from our E-litter:) 9 months old!


And more great x-ray results coming in from our grandkids:)

Two more "Jamba" Ghali Adani af Argos kids x-rayed with best possible result!

HD: A ED: UA :) now are 50% of the litter x-rayed free on hips and elbows. Congrats!!!

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I have updated Safir´s photogallery 2011 & 2012.

Just click on the picture below to go to her gallery page!

I have totally forgotten to ad the pedigree/stamtavla for our upcoming F-litter, sorry for that. But now it´s done:) you can find it here >> 

Last weekend we visited Lena and Bo and their two-week Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies:) They were so cute:)

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I have updated Lily, Cenna, Enzi & Nelio´s gallery!

Just click on their name to go to their own gallerypage:)

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Precis som förrra året hadde vi en underbar vecka i Torekov:)

Detta året var det inte lika härligt väder med snö.

Det blåste och regnade i stort sett hela veckan, det var bara nyårsafton som det var lite frost och riktigt kallt.

Så tyvärr blev det ingen skidåkning:( och kameran fick inte följa med alla dagar.

Det är verkligen balsam för själen:) tystnaden,lugnet den fina naturen och att bara få vara:) 

Yeba blev otroligt glad av att få träffa oss och att få busa med tjejerna varje dag.

Safir är oftast en favorit bland de yngsta:) precis som Awena dottern Lily och Asla dottern Enzi blev Yeba lika förtjust i henne, och de drog sina busrace emellanåt:)

Nyårsafton skulle Lotta iväg och jaga så vi passade Yeba eftersom vi ändå skulle ha henne under kvällen/natten när Lotta skulle iväg.

Vid tolvslaget satt Safir och Yeba och tittade på raketerna medans Asla och Awena sov i soffan.

Nyårsdagen var vi inbjudna på middag hos Lotta:) alltid lika gott och trevligt.

Som sagt galleriet är uppdaterat med bilder på hundarna och den fina naturen.

På en av våra promenader hittade vi en gran i skogen klädd med röda kulor:) och ett litet tomtebo som var gömt med granris:) Tusen tack för allt Lotta:)

Bilder hittar ni här >>

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Safir has started her heat and next week I will start to take progesteronetests to see when it will be time for our trip to Norway.

If Safir & Lloyd like each other and all goes well we will have puppies at the end of March:) ready to move to their new homes by the end of May/beginning of June.

Are you looking for a puppy?

Just for company,walks,tracking,agility,obedience or shows?

Press here>>  to read more about our upcoming litter, and contact me at info@ghali.se!


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Our sweet and loving Awena has received her diploma:) Nordic Show Champion!

We had a great trip to Norway in October 2011!

And what a showday!! Awena won BOS with CC and CACIB and 3 more titles to add as Norwegian, Nordic & International Show Champion! Only 6 months after giving birth to 13 puppies:) and at her first and only show during 2011.

At the same show Awenas handsome son Ghali Grand Caspian won the CC and two more titles to add as Norwegian and Nordic champion:) a day to remember:) happy!!!


Awena in Torekov December 2011

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I have made two new pages:) one with our champions & one litter statistics!

Our Champions >> Litter statistics >>

I have also updated Duke, Cratos, Vilja and Nixons gallery:)

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Today we will have a dear visit from Växjö!

Asla x Minos daughter Enzi & owner Linn and Ricki will come and join us on our morningwalk:)

We have also had a dear playdate with Asla x Lukus daughter Brunette

and Awena x Wilsons daughter Vilja:)

Pictures from our visit in Torekov and from our playdate will be up here soon!

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SEVCH Ghali Grand Cenna!

2011 was a great tracking year for Cenna! She managed to ended the year by becoming 2nd best tracking dog in Sweden at SRRC's topp winning list!

This means that she has managed to be among the top ten for the second year in a row!


SEVCH Ghali Great Dillon "Chimani"!

Had also a great tracking year 2011! He easily gained his championtitle and managed to ended the year by becoming 6th best tracking dog in Sweden at SRRC's topp winning list!

Great job and huge congratulations to all of you:)

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2011 was a great year for Caspian! He managed to become Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Nordic Champion, and ended the year by becoming 3rd best male in Sweden at SRRC's topp winning list!

Caspian have enough CACIB for the International title, only waiting for the last one after 1 year + 1 day! We are so happy & proud:)


I will try to put together a summary of 2011!

Of all the great things we and our ghalidogs have done and succeeded with:)

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the owners for taking good care of your dogs!


Also a big Congrats to Safir´s new boyfriend Lloyd,owner & breeder for his nice results in the showring yesterday:)

Lloyd managed to take his last CACIB by becoming Best male and BOB:) this means that he has gained his International Champion title!


Also a big Congrats to Wilson the sire to our E-litter:) Wilson became TOP WINNING ridgebackmale in Sweden for the 2nd year in a row!

And last but not least a big Congrats to Lex the sire to our C-litter:) by becoming 5th best male in Sweden 2011!

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NORDUCH NUCH SEUCH DKUCH FINUCH Shavano´s Look our for Lloyd!

2011 was a great year for Lloyd! Not only did he manage to become Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish Champion, he also gained BISS title at a specialty show in Sweden, and ended the year by becoming 3rd best male in Norway at NRRC's topp winning list!

I have updated Lloyd´s gallery with some more pictures, take a look here >>

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Vi är hemma igen:) efter en härlig vecka i Torekov hos Lotta och Asla´s dotter Yeba!

Jag har en hel del bilder att gå igenom, så det lär dröja ett tag innan jag delar med mig av dom.

Min mailbox är full, cirka 170 mail väntar på mig.

Så ha överseende med att svaren kan dröja, men jag ska försöka att gå igenom dem också så fort jag kan.

Jag hoppas att ni alla hade en lika trevlig Nyårsafton som vi!

Vill också tacka för alla fina julhälsningar/Nyårshälsningar via mail, sms, facebook:) och sist men inte minst alla fina julkort som vi fått.

Vill också framföra ett stort TACK till familjen Högklint för Awena´s fina julklapp :) Kenya halsbandet passade perfekt :) tusen tack!!!

I galleriet nedan kommer det lite nya bilder som jag fått och som jag lånat:)

Tyvärr kunde jag inte lägga upp alla bilder som jag fått via min mobil, pga för dålig skärpa.

Men vi är lika glada för dom :) så tack kära ni för allt!

Lovely Ghali Grand Corian
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