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I have received some lovely new pictures of Jamba & Troyan!

SEUCH SEVCH Ghali Adani af Argos"Jamba" (Asla x Argos) fromour A-litter:)

6½ years old.

Ghali Excellent Troyan (Awena x Wilson) from our E-litter:) 10 months old!

Thank you Ingvar:)

Click HERE to go to the gallery 2012!


Jamba & Troyan playing

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Today is Safir on day 34 in her pregnancy.

Yesterday I took some new pictures of her:) you can find them in her Pregnancypage HERE and visit her own gallery HERE

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I have received some lovely pictures from Awena x Wilson son!

"Eldar" Ghali Excellent Nassak

More pictures of Eldar in his own gallery HERE. Thank you Åsa:)

Eldar har lärt sig av storebror att appotera är en rolig aktivitet. Dom är som retrivers båda två ( vi umgås ofta med Mitzie som är en supertrevlig golden.) Mitzie har lärt Eldar att det är skönt att springa och leka runt i lerdiken och vattendrag medans storebror tar en omväg för att undvika dom skitigaste ställena i naturen.

Vi mår bara bra i vårsolen och idag var första dagen som dom kunde ligga ute på varsin dyna i solen:)

Yesterday we meet Awena´s daughter "Athena" Ghali Excellent Kitty for a playdate at our girls favorite place:) it was so nice to see them all again!

Pictures from our date will be up here soon.

Eldar with his big brother Moltas & best friend Mitzie

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Awena´s lovely daughter Cenna :)


Safir is doing great:) and eats with great appetite! her belly is growing and you can finally start to see her looking more pregnant! I will try to take some new picture of her this weekend.


Today we will meet Awenas daughter for a playdate and tomorrow we will meet Aslas son for a playdate:) I think Safir will be very happy to meet her brother.

I will also meet a lot of Ghalidogs this weekend for some showtraining!

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I have updated Safir´s gallery, more pictures of Safir you can find HERE

Our phone is not working:( so if you need to contact me,

call me at my mobile: 070-8396182 or by email.

Have a nice day!

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Asla´s daughter Ghali Golden Brunette & Awena´s daughter

Ghali Excellent Eureka "Vilja"

Tracking in the woods of Småland:) more pictures in the gallery 2012 HERE

More pictures of Brunette in her own gallery HERE & Vilja HERE

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I got this picture of Xavi in my mailbox:) thank you Anne.

Strange sleeping position, or? In any case different:):):)


Safir is on day 29 in her pregnancy, följ fosterutvecklingen HÄR

Our mum to be is doing great:) she is happy and always hungry!

I will try to take some new pictures of her soon.


This past weekend our girls had a playdate with their daugters:)

Asla´s daughter Brunette (Safir´s sister) and Awena´s daughter Vilja.

You have all recieved an email about our planned rally obedience:)

more information will come!

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I received this nice picture from Meija:) Thank you!

Asla´s lovely son "Duke" Ghali Great Diamond.

More pictures of Duke in his own gallery HERE

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Last weekend I got to spend with some of our lovely dogs from our D-litter and their owners.

So nice to see them all get along so great:)

Five out of nine puppies was present. See some mixed pictures from our day HERE

Great to see all of you who was able to come. And for you who wasn´t there, we missed you and hope to see you next time.

Thanks to all of you! Always great seeing you!


Yeba Chimme Salma Darky och Doris

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Safir has been showing signs these past week of her being pregnant but I wasn't completely sure.

So it was great to do the ultrasound today and get a confirmation that there are puppies growing in her belly. It is so nice to see those tiny hearts beating!

Now we have five more weeks to wait before the puppies will be born!
I have made an pregnancy page:) where you will be able to follow how Safir´s belly develops and grows!

The puppies will most likely be born at the end of March:) which means that they will be able to move to their new homes around the end of May!

Are you interested in a puppy from this litter? Read more about the proud parents to be HERE. You are very welcome to contact me for more information at info@ghali.se

or 070-839 61 82.
Följ fosterutvecklingen HÄR Pregnancypage HERE


Fler bilder på Safir, klicka på bilderna för större storlek

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Awena´s lovely son "Houdini" Ghali Excellent Dresden! Thank you Sus:)

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Asla´s lovely daughter "Doris" Ghali Great Destiny!

Finally I have more information about our planned rally obedience.

Keep an eye on your email for more information!


Lovely Doris

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I have updated Hannibal & Esther´s gallery!

More pictures of Hannibal you can find HERE & more pictures of Esther HERE


Lovely Esther

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We have had a really nice weekend:)

First a get together meeting with some of our D-litter puppies!

They celebrated their 2nd birthday yesterday!

Pictures and info from our date will be up here as soon as I can.


On Saturday evening we were invited at Helene´s place, Cenna & Quitas owner:)

Thank you for a very nice evening and dinner Helene:)


Awena & Wilsons son Xavi had his debut in the showring yesterday:) placed as 2nd best male in juniorclass:) great job Anne and Xavi!


And another great weekend for our grandkids!

"Primus" Ghali Akili af Argos daughter Ready (14 months) placed as 3rd best bitch and gained her 4th CAC:) great job Ann Kristine and Ready:)


Lovely Hannibal

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Our very lovely D-litter turns 2 year old today!

I hope you all get very spoiled at your BIG DAY today!

Love to you all from me and mum Asla

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Awena´s lovely daughter "Quita" Ghali Excellent Jade!

You can find more pictures of Quita in her own gallery HERE


Today we will have a get together meeting with some of our D-litter puppies:)

And tonight I will see Awena´s two lovely daughters Cenna & Quita and mum Helene at their place. And Asla´s son "Chimani" Ghali Great Dillon and his owners Anne & Roger:)

I´m really looking forward to see you all:)

Have a nice day every one!

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Safir´s beautiful brother "Saros" Ghali Golden Bontell:)!

(AslaxLuku )son from our B-litter!

You can find more pictures of Saros on his own page HERE 


We have a problem with our homephone:( so if you need to contact us.

Call this number: 0708396182

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I have updated Lloyd´s gallery,the sire to our upcoming F-litter with some new pictures from our visit in Norway!


Also some mixed pictures in Wilson´s gallery:) the daddy to our E-litter puppies!

Click on the picture to go to Lloyd´s gallery.

Click HERE  to go to Wilsons gallery.

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I have received some photos of AslaxMinos son "Akili" Ghali Great Dawit:)

From our D-litter, Thank you Marie:)

click on the picture below to go to Akili´s own gallery.


I have also updated Cenna & Safirs photogallery, click on theire name to go to theire galllery!

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Awena´s CIB title is now confirmed by FCI!

Full name is!


Ghali Awena af Argos! ♥

More updates and pictures below! 

Safir is doing great:)

It has now been a couple of weeks since Safir & Loyd had their first mating!

This means that we will try to take an ultrasound at the end of next week:)

Successful trip to the Netherlands!

The sire to our E-litter puppies, Roseridge Red Rastaban "Wilson"!
***WILSON BOB, BIG-2, CAC and CACIB!!! ***
Only 3 more CAC to go for the Dutch championtitle... ;-)

Congrats Johanna & Wilson:)

Awena x Wilson´s son Xavi  from our( E-litter) and mum Anne paid them a visit  at the showground:) in the Netherlands and Xavi enjoyed meeting daddy Wilson and grandma Johanna:) below a picture of Xavi and daddy Wilson together at the showground! 

Lovely team:) Johanna & Wilson

Xavi and Wilson:)Father & son

Great results from our grandkids this weekend!

"Primus" Ghali Akili af Argos lovely daughter Ready (14 months)
Placed as 2nd Best Bitch and got her 3rd CAC!
Congrats:) Ann Kristine


Primus lovely daughter Ready:)

Family reunion!

Playdate with Asla´s son "Jamba" Ghali Adani af Argos and his lovely daughter Fina:)

and  Awena´s son Ghali ExcellentTroyan

© Patricia Ljungren

Fina chased by cousin Troyan and daddy Jamba

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Awena´s lovely daughter Cenna:)

I will once again say THANK YOU:) for all the nice pictures I received from you all!

I really appreciate it, happy, happier happiest!!!!

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I have updated Brunette & Viljas photogallery!

Just click on their name above to go to their gallery.

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I have updated Asla, Awena and Peppe´s photogallery!

Just click on their name above to go to their gallery.


Ghali Excellent Misty"Esther" (AwenaxWilson) daughter:)

Just click on the picture to go to her gallery.

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