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Yesterday the puppies turned 1 week old!

I have updated the blogg HERE and their gallery HERE with new individual photos of them, aswell as the last pictures from their first week. I have also started a new album for the second weeks mixed photos! The newest pictures at the top!



Lovely Mr Grey

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I have updated with plenty of pictures of Safir & Lloyd´s puppies!

All the photos of their first week you will be able to find in the F-litter gallery HERE.

Always the newest pictures in the top! I hope you will enjoy them!


Safir with her puppies

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I have updated "Athena" Ghali Excellent Kitty gallery!

She is from our E-litter (Awena x Wilson)

Just click on Athena´s name above to go to her own gallery!

The puppies are today 5 days old, can't believe it has almost been a week already!

They are growing steady and developing nicely:)

Lovely Athena

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The puppies are doing very well so far:) The are all eating and gaining weight.

Some more pictures in the F-litter gallery HERE

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We have 8 little wonders 3 boys and 5 girls!

A little story about the birth of our F-litter and some pictures:) you can find HERE

We are so happy and pleased with our babies!

So we have one male and a girl with ridgefault, no other faults discovered at this point.

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Safir & Lloyds puppies are here!

They are all doing very well and so is Safir.

We haven´t gotten so much sleep tonight or the night before.

And this night sleeping with one eye open does steal some energy.

I will update with pictures and more information, but not today... Now after a very very long weekend it is time for me and the rest of the pack to rest!

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I have updated "Chimani" Ghali Great Dillon from our D-litter photo gallery HERE

I have also updated litter sister Ghali Great Destiny"Doris" gallery HERE

I received some more pictures from Patricia:) from the Dogshow in Malmö!

Thank you Patricia for the lovely pictures of Djembe, Troyan, Fina and Calli:)

Pregnancypage HERE

Lovely Chimani

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I received this lovely picture in my email:) of AwenaxWilson son!

Ghali Excellent Jaiden"Djembe", more pictures of him coming up here soon!

I have also updated Brunette and Lily´s gallery, click on there name to go to their own gallery!

Thank you for all the pictures:) makes me happy!

I have also sent out an email with information regarding our get together meeting

with our E-litter!

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Today is Safir on day 56 in her pregnancy!

More pictures and updates in her pregnancypage HERE

I have also updated the photogallery 2012, with more pictures from the dogshow HERE

And I have received some new pictures from our lovely finnish boy:)

Ghali Great Diamond"Duke" just click on his name to go to his own gallery.

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Best placement was by Ghali Adani af Argos"Jamba" who won the Championclass and finnished as 2nd BEST MALE! at the International Dogshow in Malmö yesterday!

Judge this day was Lemo Niksa, Kroatien Breed entry 78. Congrats Ingvar:)


KENNEL GHALI WON BEST BREEDER! (from 3 different combinations)

with Jamba, Esther, Brunette and Quita:)

Ghali Excellent Jade"Quita" placed 2nd in juniorclass with CK! And sister

Ghali Excellent Misty"Esther" 4th best juniorbitch with CK! (Championquality)

in a large juniorclass of 14. Really a great debut in juniocrclass!


Ghali Adani af Argos"Jamba"

Kennel Ghali Breeders Group

More results from the International Dogshow in Malmö!


Ghali Excellent Troyan Juniorclass very good

Ghali Excellent Eureka"VIlja" juniorclass very good

Ghali Grand Caspian championclass excellent

Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani" huntingclass very good

Ghali Golden Brunette openclass excellent

Ghali Golden Belamie openclass excellent

At this show there were a couple of grandkids present!

Ghali Grand Caspian: in total 5 all rewarded with excellent and winner in juniorclass:)

Ghali Adani af Argos"Jamba" daughter placed as 3rd best juniorbitch with CK:) handled by Jamba´s dad Ingvar.

Great job and huge congratulations to all of you!

Sorry some dog is missing:( but the quality of the pictures was not that good!


Ghali Excellent Jade "Quita"
Ghali Excellent Troyan
Ghali Excellent Eureka"Vilja"
All together, Vilja, Quita and Esther
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Asla´s son "Chimani" Ghali Great Dillon från vår D-kull!


Fick dessa kära ord från Chimmes matte Anne:)


Ska säga dig Helene, bara jag tittar på en bild av denna underbara hund blir jag så rörd att

jag lätt kan börja tjuta vilken sekund som helst!

Tänk så rädd jag var för att hund nr.2 inte skulle duga, att jag skulle jämföra de båda ...

Denna lilla Herr Kalsong är mitt allt ♥


Tråkigt nog har jag fått reda på att inte alla fått mina utskick angående rallylydnaden!

:( så ni som anmält er och inte fått informationen, snälla skicka ett sms, så gör jag ett nytt försök.

I helgen kommer jag att skicka ut all info angående vår kommande 1 års träff:)

med E-kullen.

Om någon av er inte skulle få något mail från mig i helgen, så snälla hör av er.

Vet inte varför det går fram till vissa och inte till andra:(


Ha en underbar helg!

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Our sweet girl Asla:) Awena & Safir´s mum and mother to our A, B and D-litter!

SEVCH Stenänga Ghali Barika CV!

Asla is a once in a life time dog, and we couldn´t have gotten a better first ridgeback:)

We love her great personality and mind:)

More pictures of Asla HERE


Sweet Asla getting a little gray on the nose:)

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Safir with her big growing belly:) on day 50 in her pregnancy!

Some new pictures of our mum to be, taken this morning in our garden and some pictures taken when I got back home today:)

More pictures and updates in Safir´s pregnancypage HERE

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Karin sent me an email with new pictures of Asla´s lovely son & Safirs brother

from our B-litter!

SEVCH Ghali Golden Bontell"Saros". Thanks Karin:)

More pictures of Saros in his own gallery HERE

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Jette sent us an email with new pictures of our Dannish boy!

(AwenaxLex) son Ghali Grand Cole"Zulo" Thanks:)


Hej Helene og familie

Tillykke med at Safir venter hvalpe. Det bliver meget spændende og jeg glæder mig til at følge med på nettet:)

Hos os går det fint og vi nyder at gå ture med Zulo i skoven og sidde/ligge sammen i sofaen om aftenen...

De aller kærligste hilsner fra Jette og familie



Asla´s son "Rossi" Ghali Adimu af Argos (Awenas brother) has stayed with us during the weekend, so nice to have him here:)

Me and Ulf have also met Asla´s daughter "Inra" Ghali Ainra af Argos (Awenas sister) really nice to see here and Helena again.

Yesterday I had the priviligue to meet some of our ghalidogs and grandkids for some more showpractise:) and with us this time was (AwenaxWilson) son

Ghali Excellent Nassak"Eldar" and his sister "Esther" Ghali Excellent Misty.

Eldar and mum Åsa have spend the weekend at his sister

"Quita" Ghali Excellent Jade & half sister Ghali Grand Cenna place in Falsterbo, for some tracking, playing and showpractise:)


Lovely Zulo

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Today is Safir on day 47 in her pregnancy!

Yesterday I took some new pictures of her growing belly:)

Go to Safir´s pregnancy page HERE

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I have updated Esther´s gallery (Awena x Wilson) daughter from our E-litter!

Ghali Excellent Misty"Esther" Thanks for the lovely pictures:)

Just click on her name above to go to her own gallery for more pictures.

We also wish Esther´s siblings good luck in the woods today:)

Quita, Troyan & Eldar are tracking in the woods at Ingvar´s place!


Lovely Esther

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Awena´s son Ghali Excellent Jaiden"Djembe"

Louise sent us an email with some new pictures. Thanks Louise!

Keep on emailing me pictures of your dogs, always makes me happy!!!

More pictures of Djembe in his own gallery HERE

This weekend we will have Aslas son Ghali Adimu af Argos "Rossi"

(Awenas brother) staying here:)

And hopefully we also will met Awenas sister Ghali Ainra af Argos this weekend:)

I haven´t seen her since she left the puppybox, almost seven years ago!

It´s just my husband Ulf who have met her when he was on a business trip in Luleå.

So I´m really looking forward to met her and mum Helena:)

Lovely Djembe 11 months old

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Today is Safir on day 44 in her pregnancy!

Yesterday I took some new pictures of her:) take a look at her pregnancypage HERE

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A lovely photo of Lloyd:) the daddy to our upcoming litter (F-litter) with his mum Eline.


Today is Safir on day 43 in her pregnancy. Vecka 7 (dag 43-49)

Read about the puppies development in week 7 HERE

She is much more calm when she is out walking.

I will try to take more pictures of her today:)

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This past Sunday I got to spend some time with Awenas daughters Cenna & Quita

And Aslas daughter Millie and some of our grandkids for some showpractise in Hyltarp!

Some new individual photos of them are coming soon:)

Pictured below Aslas lovely daughter and Safirs sister from our B-litter!

Ghali Golden Belamie"Millie"

I have also updated Darky & Salmas gallery!

Awena & Wilsons son Xavi had another nice day in the showring this past weekend:) placed as 2nd best male in juniorclass:) great job Anne and Xavi!

Lovely Millie

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Awenas daughters Ghali Grand Cenna from our C-litter (AwenaxLex)

Ghali Excellent Jade"Quita" from our E-litter (AwenaxWilson)

And Aslas son Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani" from our D-litter (AslaxMinos)

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Today is Safir on day 40 in her pregnancy!

Yesterday we drove to the beach in Falsterbo:) and took some new picture of her growing belly.

Just click on the picture below to go to Safirs pregnancypage.

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Last weekend we have the priviligue to met Awenas daughter Athena (Awena x Wilson) daughter from our E-litter!

The dogs was happy and playful:) over our playtime walk:) I tried to get some pictures of them, not easy!

But some mixed pictures of my sweet pack:) & Athena can be seen HERE

Lovely Athena

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Awena x Wilson daughter Ghali Excellent Yale"Luna"

Allt går jättebra med Luna, hon är lika underbar som alltid! Luna följer med Maxime överallt och det funkar jättebra! Hon är väldigt social och tycker det är toppen att träffa nya hundar att leka med, inom hästvärlden finns det ju en och annan hund... Vi har tur för Luna ÄLSKAR att åka bil (eftersom hon följer med Maxime får hon åka en del bil). Hon vet att när skåpbilen startas, då får man ligga och sova en stund med huvudet i husses knä (hon har bälte, så vi är lagliga ;-)) och sedan kommer man fram till ett spännande ställe där det brukar finnas åtminstone en hund som man kan leka med. Är det någon gång att hon inte får följa med, om jag tex. är hemma, står hon vid dörren och tittar när Husse åker (vi har ett fönster jämte dörren), så sött!!

Eftersom hon har varit med så mycket är hon dock otroligt okomplicerad. Får hon vara med oss kan hon sova överallt, hon känns väldigt trygg.

Kram Matilda Maxime & Luna

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I have updated Yeba´s gallery, "Yeba" Ghali Great Dawn:) Asla´s lovely daughter from our D-litter.

To see more pictures of Yeba go to her gallery HERE


I have also updated Safir´s pregnancypage, click HERE to read more.

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