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I have updated the puppies gallery HERE and the blogg HERE

Lovely Ms Purple

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At the Danish RR Club show in Slagelse Denmark yesterday Awena´s son

NORDCH Ghali Grand Caspian 3rd Best male with Club CC!:)

congratulations Anneli and Caspian:)

Caspian is from Awena´s first litter our C-litter (AwenaxLex)

The picture is not from the show!

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The puppies new colllars has arrived:)

This year without their names on, instead they have a lion and a ridge on the collar.

It´s the fourth year in a row that we have ordered our puppies collars from Kennel Kifani in Norway. And all have been beautifully handmade by Marianne.

Check out their homepage HERE

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I have updated the gallery with some pictures from week 4-5 HERE

I have also put some pictures in the blogg, from Saturdays childvisitors in the puppypen:) HERE (scroll down on the date 120421)

Today and tomorrow they will have more childvisitors.

We had a dear visit from Karin (Saros owner) yesterday:) see you soon again!

More pictures and updates will be up here soon.

Ms Yellow & Ms Pink play outside on the grass:)

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I received this nice words from Nina about Awena´s son

"Vilho" Ghali Grand Cinamon!

Vilho is from Awena´s first litter our C-litter (AwenaxLex)

Made me happy:) Thank you Nina ♥


Hi dears!

Hope you are doing well! I guess you´re quite busy with the little babies, I can almost feel the puppy smell, aaaawwwww! We are fine, waiting for the spring of course. As you noticed, we had our first agility competition last weekend. It was a lot of fun, although we didn´t make any great results. Vilho has developed so much in agility, and me too :D We are going to track also, but it doesn´t look good at the moment, since he wants to find all the deers and mooses in the world... He´s hunting instinct is extremely high nowadays!

Vilho is in great condition in all ways at the moment. He´s coat is shining and he´s nicely muscled. I´ll wait for a sunny day, and take some new photos for you. He´s in excellent state of mind, happy, very balanced, brave, independent, energetic, you name it! He´s also in perfect health.

Helene, I want to thank you for letting Vilho in my hands. He´s a great joy for me every day, and has never disappointed me in any way. And he still want to sleep under the blanket every single night :)

Puss o kram,

Nina, Vilho & Eddie

Awena´s stunning son Vilho 3½ years old:)

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I have updated the puppies last pictures from week 3-4 HERE

And their blogg with a little report:) HERE

Always the newest pictures in the top, enjoy!

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This weekend I received an sms from Esther´s mum Eva:)

that "Esther" Ghali Excellent Misty (AwenaxWilson) daughter.


She also did her first attempt on openclass fieldtracks this weekend, and was rewarded a 1st prize as well:) the gunshot test she also passed:) really great job and huge congratulations!

This means that 6 puppies from our E-litter has passed their aptitudetests!

Awena´s lovely daughter Esther

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I have updated the F-teams blogg with a little report and some pictures HERE

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I have shared a wonderful weekend in Vänersborg with some of our E-litter puppies and their owners.

On Saturday the 14th of April me and Helene (Cenna & Quitas mum) headed towards Vänersborg for a litter meeting with some of our E-litter puppies and their owners.

So Saturday afternoon started with a stop at Inger & Roger´s place.

Since Quita has passed the aptitude test for fieldtracking earlier and got a 1st prize on her first openclass track.

She had only two more to go for the Swedish fieldtracking Champion title! so why not give it a try.

Both Cenna and Quita did a great job and they each received a first prize:) and Cenna got a 1st prize with HP (honours prize) she is such a tracking talent:)

For Quita this means that she got her second first prize in a row and she is also gunshot proof!

Quita is also a great tracking dog:) so only one more to go for the title!

Two so-talented tracking dogs! Congrats Helene you have put a lot of work in the woods with this girls.

We went back to the hotel to meet up with the rest of the E-litter dogs and their owners, who had arrived and settled in.

So nice to see everyone again and specially Houdini and mum Susanne, because I haven´t seen him since he left the puppypen when he was 8 weeks old

We had a nice dinner in the evening and after a nights sleep and some breakfast.

We all waited for Xavi and mum Anne who came all the way from Belgium!

And it was really great to see them both:) I haven't seen Xavi since he was picked up at 12 weeks old by his new family and moved to Belgium.

We all headed for the woods to do the aptitudetest. And they did it so well and passed! This means that 5 puppies from this litter has passed their aptitudetests! Congratulations to everyone!

Today it was time for Quita to try and take her 3rd competitive fieldtrack, Quita was tracking nicely passing her test with a 1st prize and almost with HP:) with this she got her 3rd 1st prize in a row giving her the champion title! Ghali Excellent Jade"Quita" NEW SWEDISH FIELDTRACKING CHAMPION!!! Congrats!

Cenna does it again! Another 1st prize with HP:) she is such a tracking talent.After this it was time for some playtime:) so nice to see them all getting along so well!

Thank you all for sharing this weekend with me and working with your dogs!And for you who wasn´t there, we missed you and hope to see you next time.



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I have shared a wonderful weekend in Vänersborg with some of our E-litter puppies and their owners. Check out the updates HERE and mixed pictures from our weekend HERE. Congratulations once again to all the participants for your great results! Thank you all for coming!


Brothers Xavi and Houdini
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I have updated with lots of mixed pictures in the puppies gallery HERE

And a little report from the puppypen in the blogg HERE

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Ghali Excellent Jade"Quita" has completed her title at the age of 12 months old!

And is now New Swedish Bloodtracking Champion:)

This means that Awena has got her 5th Champion offspring this weekend!

And will be awarded the Swedish Rhodesian Ridgeback Clubs CV-titel, it means Champion puppies. Just like her mother Asla:)

The titel and the idea comes from USA, where the title is official and is called ROM!

(Register Of Merit)

Kennel Ghali has now filled up the list of Ghali Champions to 17!!!

SEVCH Ghali Grand Cenna received 2 x 1st prizes with HP

And 4 of our E-litter puppies has passed their aptitudetests this weekend!

Eldar, Xavi, Houdini and Lily:) great job!

Unbelieveable proud and happy is the least I can say! Congratulations to ALL of you and THANK you for being so active with your dogs! I am sure they are loving it!

I will update with pictures from this weekend when I have the time.

It looks really nice on the Swedish Bloodtrackinglist at the moment:) take a look HERE

ONE PROUD CHAMPION:) Ghali Excellent Jade"Quita" with her mum Helene

OUR AMAZING TRACKING GIRL:) SEVCH Ghali Grand Cenna with mum Helene

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The puppies are 3 weeks old today!

I have updated their gallery with some mixed pictures from week 2-3 HERE

And the F blogg with some pictures from their first taste of maizegruel HERE

I will take some time off from our puppies this weekend.

I´m packing, and in a few hours will Helene pick me up:) (Cenna and Quita´s owner)

Tonight I'll meet some of our dogs and their owners from our E- litter.

A nice dinner all together:) and tomorrow into the woods tracking!

New updates after the weekend when I'm back!

Until then enjoy the latest pictures!

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Asla´s daughter Ghali Golden Brunette 4 years old (Safirs sister) from our B-litter:)

and Awena´s daughter Ghali Excellent Eureka"Vilja" 1 year old from our E-litter:)

Two lovely girls ♥

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I have updated some galleries here on the webpage!

Ghali Excellent Jaidan"Djembe" (AwenaxWilson) from our E-litter

Ghali Excellent Eureka"Vilja" (AwenaxWilson) from our E-litter

Just scroll down and click on each picture to go to their own gallery:)


I have also updated our photogallery 2012 with some mixed pictures HERE


Today are Safir & Lloyds puppies 19 days old, time flies!

Some new pictures in the F-team gallery HERE

Sorry not that good quality, so yellow in the colour!

And a little report from the puppypen in the blogg HERE

I have totally forgotten to thank you all for the lovely Happy Easter cards that we have received, so thank you:) made us all happy!



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Our lovely E-litter turns 1 year old today!

I remember the day of their birth like it was yesterday! It's been amazing to have seen them all this past year, starting to develop into wonderful, gorgeous and sweet big dogs! I now look forward to seeing some of them in a couple of days at our bloodtracking weekend! But until then I hope you all get very spoiled at your BIG DAY today!

Love to you all from me and mum Awena!

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The F-litter is now a little bit over 2 weeks old!

Their new individual photos 14 days old are in the blogg HERE

And some new pictures in their gallery HERE

To all E-litter owners!

Keep an eye on your email:)

I have sent out some information to all of you:)

regarding our E-litter meeting this weekend!

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I have updated some galleries here on the webpage!

Ghali Excellent Troyan (AwenaxWilson) from our E-litter

Ghali Excellent Jade"Quita" (AwenaxWilson) from our E-litter

And finally our SEUCH SEVCH Ghali Adani af Argos"Jamba"

(AslaxArgos) from our A-litter

Just scroll down and click on each picture to go to their own gallery:)




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Our Finnish boy Ghali Great Diamond"Duke" x-rayed clear on hips and elbows!

Congratulations Meija:)

Today the puppies are 15 days old! I have updated their gallery HERE

and the F-litter blogg HERE with some pictures when they all got to try their first taste solid food.

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I have updated "Millie"Ghali Golden Belamie gallery HERE.

(Asla x Luku) daughter & Safir´s sister.

I have also updated the puppies gallery HERE

And some pictures in the photogallery 2012 HERE

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I received this dear message from mum Anne Xavi´s owner!

He lives in Belgium, Waterloo with his Swedish family.


Hej Helene!

Ettårsdagen närmar sig och vi har redan hunnit med ett "bokslut" över de åtta månader vi haft tillsammans med vår bästa Xavi! Vi är så glada för honom, vi är glada över att vi bestämde oss för en RR och inte minst för att vi valde en Ghaliunge ;) Elton & Elliot säger att den lyckligaste dagen i deras liv var när vi hämtade honom :) ...och det känns ju fantastiskt bra!!

Tänk att han fick en "andra chans", tack för att ni lät honom leva, vi tänker ofta på det och försöker förvalta det på bästa tänkbara sätt. Han har en cool personlihget och massor med humor , inte minst när han är leksugen och kommer dragandes med alla möjliga prylar och försöker få igång oss...då det är inte lätt att hålla sig för skratt :))) Men det som har gjort mest intryck på oss är hans behov av närhet och värme... Vilken fantastisk vän vi har!

Tusen tack Anne för dessa fina rader, för alla bilder och uppdateringar du förser oss med.

Han kunde inte fått ett bättre hem:)

Ser så fram emot att träffa er nästa helg.

Och alla ni andra som kommer på vår 1-års träff:) ska bli så kul!


Today are the puppies 13 days old! I have updated the puppyblogg HERE with a little report from the puppypen and some new pictures!



Lovely Xavi

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Dear Brunette, Millie, Nessie, Saros, Sighsten & Safir

Our sweet Safir and her siblings, our B-litter turns 4 years old today!

I hope you all get a few tasty things during the day:)

Me and the rest of the pack wishes you the best birthday ever!

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Yesterday Safir & Loyd´s puppies turned 10 days old.!

I have updated with new mixed photos in the gallery for the second week HERE

And some in the F-litter blogg HERE

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2x1st prizes and HP (honours prize) (from our D-litter)


GHALI EXCELLENT JADE"QUITA" Passed the aptitude test for field/bloodtracking and received a 1st prize on her first openclass track:)

1x1st prize (from our E-litter)


SEVCH GHALI GRAND CENNA received two 1st prizes on her first openclass tracks

this year!

2x1st prize (from our C-litter)

Yesterday I got a very nice phonecall from Quita & Cenna´s owner Helene!

And later on in the evening when the results from the tracking competions was clear.

I got an sms from Anne Chimme´s owner that he was the winner in the field/bloodtracking competion with dogs from all breeds!

Really great news, making us all happy:). Thank you Helene and Anne for the report!

And huge congratulations to you all!


Three proud trackingdogs!

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SLEEP TIGHT OUR LOVELY MS. RED 2012-03-24 - 2012-04-01

Last night our sweet tiny girl Ms Red died. She was the smallest puppy in the litter weighing only 205 grams when she was born and she was very weak.

We have never had that small puppies before.

But the previous days she had still had plenty of energy and gained weight:)

so we hope that she would come around.But this weekend she got weaker and last night she fell asleep.

We know that this was the best, something must have been wrong with her.

Now we have 7 lovely puppies left who are all growing and doing just great.


Our tiny little girl Ms Red

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