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I have updated Cenna and Quitas tracking results!

Just click on their name above to go to their page.

And finally some mixed pictures added from the dogshow in Hässleholm HERE

the pictures is taken by Helene V, Patricia L and Staffan L, thank you:)

I have also updated the photo gallery for 2012 with some mixed pictures when our family and the girls visited Aslas daughter Yeba and mum Lotta in Torekov:) HERE

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I have updated our F- litter puppies gallery with some more mixed pictures

from week 7-8 HERE

Lovely Miss Pink and Miss Yellow

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Awena x Lex son from our C-litter!


Has attending the RR-clubs annual speeding trial in Otalampi. Vilho placed 5th, being also the fastest male! Time 12,52 s/ 150 m.They had so much fun :)


We have also had some wonderful days in Torekov with Asla x Minos daughter

"Yeba" Ghali Great Dawn and mum Lotta:) pictures coming up here later.


Yesterday had our girls a playdate with Asla x Lukus son

"Saros" SEUCH Ghali Golden Bontell (Safirs brother) and Asla x Argos son

"Rossi" Ghali Adimu af Argos (Awenas brother)


And Safir got to meet her daughter Ghali For I´m Farika "Toulouse" Safir and Toulouse played so nice with each other! A little report in the F-blogg HERE


And finally our biggest congratulations to Lloyd:) daddy to our F-litter and to Wilson:) daddy to our E-litter for their great placement this weekend!

International Show in Österbybruk

MultiCh MultiWin CIB Roseridge Red Rastaban "Wilson" BEST MALE and BOS!

Norwegian Speciality Show

C.I.B Nord Dk Ch Nordv-10 Shavano's Look out for Lloyd BISS 2012!


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En oförglömlig kväll fylld med överraskningar, glädje och känslor:) Jag kan inte med ord beskriva hur rörd jag blev av denna fina överraskning och 50 års present:) Stort TACK till alla mina valpköpare som arrangerat denna kväll bara för mig med god mat,dryck och trevligt sällskap på Skanörs fiskrökeri och för den otroligt fina presenten:) Den hund som ska få pryda linneduken är vår allra käraste stamtik Asla som är mamma till vår A,B och D-kull! Hon som kommer att få måla Asla´s porträtt heter Elisabeth Dunér och bor i Ljunghusen utmed Falsterbokanalen.Återigen tusen tack:) och tack till Helene Volkert, Anne Thell Ulfshög och Emma Månsson som tagit sin tid och ork att arrangera detta för mig. En kväll att minnas och ett minne för livet.


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It has now almost been a week since the first of Safir & Lloyd´s puppies moved to their new homes!

I have updated the F-litters gallery, so the last pictures from week 6-7 can be found HERE and their blogg is also updated with pictures that we have received from the puppies new homes HERE

Thank you everyone for your updates and pictures:) makes me HAPPY!!!

Keniya former Ms Purple

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The F-Litter has turned 8 weeks old and five out of seven has now moved to their new home! The last two will leave today.

All the puppies seems to have done very well their first day/night with their new families :) and I'm grateful for all the updates I´m getting from their new owners :) and I have also started to recieve pictures of the puppies from their owners :) thank you!!!

I wish you all the very best in your new families ♥ and I will be seeing some of you again very soon:)

They are all getting their own page here, but it will take some time.

I will also update with a lot of pictures from their last week, when I had time to go through all the pictures:)

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National Dogshow in Hässleholm yesterday! Breed entry 67 Judge: Jens Myrman

SEUCH SEVCH Ghali Adani af Argos Best male and BOB

Ghali Golden Belamie Best bitch with CAC and BOS

NORDUCH Ghali Grand Caspian 4th Best male

SEVCH Ghali Excellent Jade 4th Best bitch

Ghali Excellent Troyan 2nd Best Junior

Ghali Excellent Eureka 3rd Best Junior with CK

Ghali Excellent Misty VG (very good) 

Ghali Golden Brunette 4th in Openclass

Ghali Best breeder from 3 different combination) Happy:):):)

More pictures below!

Ch Ghali Adani af Argos "Jamba" BOB & Ghali Golden Belamie "Millie" BOS 

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We only have today and almost the hole day tomorrow with all the gang.The first puppy start to leave tomorrow in the evening, feels both good and bad!

The puppies have got to play some more with some deer hoofs:)

See lots of pictures from the last week with the puppies HERE .

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I received this lovely picture of Asla´s beautiful daughter:)

"Millie" Ghali Golden Belamie.

Thank you Karin:)

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We have now gone in to the last week with the puppies. We are spending our days playing indoors and outdoors keeping buzy!

The last mixed pictures from week 6-7 can be seen HERE

The puppyblogg HERE

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A greeting from Awena x Lex son "Chico" Ghali Grand Cap Cape from our C-litter!

Thank you Åsa:)

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The puppies are 7 weeks old today! and we only have one more week with them before they move to their new homes. Lots of mixed photos from week 6-7 can bee seen HERE

Lovely Miss White

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A greeting from Awena x Wilson son "Eldar" Ghali Excellent Nassak from our E-litter!

Thank you Åsa:)

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A greeting from Asla x Minos daughter "Enzi" Ghali Great Duchess from our D-litter!

Thank you Linn:) I hope to see you this weekend :)

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We have had a wonderful weekend:) and we spend our days outside

The puppies have also had some nice visitors this weekend from some of our friends and old puppy owners.

The puppies have been allowed to meet Asla x Minos daughter Doris with family

Asla x Argos son Rossie with family and Awena x Lex son Caspian with mum Anneli and her daughter Isabella.

They have tried out the puppy pool, some liked it more than others:)

Yesterday we had a visit from Sören again, he helped us to check the puppies for DS:) (Dermoid sinus) and he did not find any:) what a relief, Thank you Sören


I have received some more great results from our Ghalidogs!

Asla x Minos son SEVCH Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani" become Norwegian bloodtracking champion this weekend:) and the day after he once again received a 1st prize with HP:) A really great tracking dog!

Awena x Lex son SEVCH Ghali Grand Cap Cape"Chico" hitting the rings this weekend for the first time this year!

He was rewarded excellent and placed as 3rd in openclass!

Congratulations to you all!

I have updated with the last pictures from week 5-6, and pictures from

week 6-7 HERE


Lovely Mr Darkblue

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Asla ❤ Minos son - SEVCH Ghali Great Dillon "Chimani" became

Norwegian Bloodtracking champion yesterday!

Biggest Congratulations Anne & Chimme

At the Danish Kennel Clubs International Dogshow in Roskilde yesterday

Awena x Lex son - NORDUCH Ghali Grand Caspian was Excellent with CK and placed 2nd best male with R-CACIB. Congrats Anneli & Caspian

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The puppies are now 6 weeks old! time flies! Just two more weeks until they are ready to move to their new homes!

The past few days they have spend outside in the nice weather, they have all got to try out the puppy pool again.

I have updated their gallery with some pictures taken from their first taste of deerhoof.

The new pictures can be found HERE

We have also taken 5 weeks individual headshoots they will be up here soon.

I also want to say thank you to all our owners from our other litters!

For sending me pictures, mail and text messages and keeps me updated:)

I want you to know I am grateful for all the nice pictures that I have recieived.

For the moment my time is limited! but I promise that they will be up here soon!

So please keep on sending me photos and emails:)

Wish you all a very nice weekend:)

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We are all enjoying our days outdoors in the lovely weather :) the puppies are outside from ten in the morning until six o'clock in the evening. Many new sounds and experience :) for them.

They have gotten to taste their first deerhoofs, and they loves it!

Safir is taking great care of them and is a very sweet and loving mummy, her milkbar is still open!

I have updated the last pictures from week 4-5 in the F- team gallery.

And plenty of pictures from their fifth week, see all of it HERE

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Ghali Grand Cenna 2x1st prizes with HP and winner in the competition

Ghali Excellent Jade"Quita" 2x1st prizes 1x HP and placed third in the competition




Cenna received a 1st prize with HP (honours prize) for judge Jan-Inge Johansson



Quita received a 1st prize with HP (honours prize) for judge Jan-Inge Johansson


On Monday 30/4 Cenna and Quita both received a 1st prize on an openclass track:)

Cenna also was rewarded a HP for judge Valde Dahlstrand

I know that Cenna has amazing tracking scills, therefore it is incredibly fun that Quita also proves to be a great tracker:) she is still young only 1 year old!

Great job Helene, Cenna and Quita:) Huge congrats from all of us!


Hej Helene!

Så stolt jag är och TACK,TACK för dessa guldklimpar!

Många kramar från Ghalisyrrorna och mig. HÄLSA!!!!



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