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I have updated "Lily" Ghali Excellent Pearl gallery HERE

Last week on Wednesday we spent the whole day with Awena´s daughter

"Vilja" Ghali Excellent Eureka.

We went for a long walk with her and Safir, and she also got to play with her mother and grandmother in the garden and in Klagshamn on our evening walk:) she is so sweet and melted in very well to our pack:)

Yes I know I might be a little bit partial:):) but she is so lovely and loves to cuddle.


One week ago we met Safir´s son "Texas" For I'M Fennan, and I took some pictures of him and the girls. But unfortunately I have not had time to go through the pictures yet:(

I hope the will be up here soon.


We also received great news yesterday!

"Jamba" Ghali Adani af Argos daughters Fina and Callista attended a mentality test yesterday and passed with flying colors!!! Congratulations to all involved.

Lovely Lily

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I have updated the website with some show pictures from our latest shows

in Sweden and Denmark!

I have also updated a lot of Ghali dogs showpages with their latest critiques.

Please keep in mind that I can only register your results and put up pictures here on our website, if you send them to me.

Otherwise it will be too much for me to keep in mind.

So if you have any result that I forgot to update, please send me an email!

Click on the picture below to go to the showpictures.

Happy Emma and lovely Brunette

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Today we met Safir & Lloyd´s beautiful son Ghali For I'M Fennan"Texas" on our daily morningwalk with our girls in Klagshamn:)

So nice to see him, he has developed nicely:)

I brought my camera, so I hope I can put some of them up here later.

I received this lovely picture in my mobile:)

It´s Safir and Lloyd´s lovely daughter Ghali For I'M Fallon"Pippi" with her dog pack!

Thank you Minna:)

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I received this lovely picture in my email:)

(AwenaxWilson) son from our E-litter, 17 months old!

Thank you Susanne

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A couple of weeks ago I had a introduction to how you massage and stretch your dog.

I had invited Tina Wahl, who is a certified dog massage therapist to SFBK (Skanör/Falsterbo Brukshundsklubb)

To give us the tools we need to massage and to stretch our dogs, so we can take care of our dogs in the best possible way.

Agility and other dog sports are wonderful for your dog, but training for those sports by itself is not enough to ensure your dog's long-term health and wellness.

Dogs participating in performance sports require crosstraining activities, including

both a conditioning program and strengthening exercises. Doing a variety of strengthening exercises will improve your dog's performance and, even more important, will protect them against injuries.

We will invite Tina Wahl to hold a new course next year!

For those of you who were not able to come and for those of you who want to come again.

Pictures can be found HERE

There are also some pictures from the beach, since some dogs and owners went down to the beach a to cool off, this very hot day!

Cenna and Tina W

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Results from the International Dogshow in Vejen, Denmark x2!

This weekend there were a couple of Ghalidogs showingoff in the ring.

The first show day in Denmark turned out to be "the boy´s day"

Since we had the top 3 in best male placement:)

Best placement was by Troyan who won the intermediateclass and finished as

BEST OF BREED & BIG-4! Beautiful handled by Helene V

Day 1:


Awenas son Ghali Excellent Troyan. BEST OF BREED with CAC and CACIB and BIG-4

C.I.B NORDUCH NUCH SEUCH DKUCH Ghali Grand Caspian 2nd best male

SEUCH SEVCH Ghali Adani af Argos "Jamba" 3rd best male

SEVCH Ghali Excellent Jade "Quita" won intermediate class with CQ

SEVCH Ghali Golden Blue Bell "Safir" Exc 3 in openclass with CQ

Day 2:


Ghali Excellent Troyan

Winner in intermediateclass with CQ and 4th best male

SEUCH SEVCH Ghali Adani af Argos "Jamba"

Exc 3 in championclass with CQ


Exc 4 in championclass with CQ

SEVCH Ghali Excellent Jade "Quita"

Exc 1 intemediateclass

SEVCH Ghali Golden Blue Bell "Safir"

Exc 2 in openclass with CQ

I´m very happy for this great results, Safir just outside placement in best bitch competition both days.

Despite Quita´s false pregnancy she won her class both days and received nice

critiques. Although she did not wanted to show off this weekend.

More pictures and critiques will be up here later.

Thank you Ingvar and Helene for great company this weekend!

Lovely Troyan

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The picture of Asla was taken the same week as her 10th birthday!

Just as beautiful with the few gray hair on her nose:)

The best Asla in the world!

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SRRS Skånes Specialty Show in Råå!

Ghali Golden Belamie "Millie" 4th best bitch with CAC and New Swedish Showchampion!!!

Ghali Excellent Jade "Quita" Exc 2 in intermediate class with CQ

Ghali Excellent Kitty "Athena" won BOB on the specialtyshow for incorrect rr, she has a multicrown ridge but she is so beautiful:)

NVCH SEVCH Ghali Great Dillon "Chimani" 3rd price in the obedience competition!

International Dogshow in Sofiero!

Ch Ghali Grand Caspian won the champion class and ended as 2nd best male

with R-CACIB

Ghali Excellent Troyan Exc 2 in intermediate class with CQ

Ghali Excellent Jade "Quita" Exc 2 in intemediate class with CQ

Jamba, Millie and Vilja received excellent but no placements.

Lovely Athena

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4th BEST BITCH and CAC at SRRS Skånes Specialty Show in Råå!

Millie entered her 6th dogshow of the year at SRRS Specialty show in Råå, after a long break from the show ring.

And placed as 4th BEST BITCH with her third Swedish CAC!


Huge congrats to owner Helena and Peter and thank you for letting me show this lovely girl from Asla x Luku litter. (B-litter)

More great showresults!

At the International Dogshow in Sofiero!

Awena´s son Ch Ghali Grand Caspian WINNER IN CHAMPION CLASS

and 2nd BEST MALE with R-CACIB!

Congrats to owner and handler Annelie:)


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A couple of weeks ago we had our first puppy meeting with our F-litter!

We had 7 out of 7 puppies present:) the weather was not on our side but it didn´t matter, we had a nice day anyway!

We gathered at Storegårds dogpark for some playtime:) and of course to try all the activities in the park:) as go through the tunnel which they all did:) they all loved the big long tunnel after a while and ran back and forth through it. Enza loved the balance bridge and I must say that they all were very brave on those high barriers.

It was really great to see all of you.

See some mixed pictures from our day HERE

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2 x 1 prices with HP (Honours price)

He is such a tracking talent:) Congrats Anne you have put a lot of work in the woods with this boy.

Both Cenna and Quita was tracking nicely and did a great job in the woods! they also received a first prize:) and almost with HP:)

SEVCH Ghali Grand Cenna 1 x 1 price

SEVCH Ghali Excellent Jade "Quita" 2 x 1 price

Two very talented tracking dogs! Congrats Helene you have put a lot of work in the woods with this girls



I´d also like to take the opportunity to thank all the owners for showing and working with your dogs, without you none of this have been possible!

Thank you for taking good care of your Ghalidogs!


Lovely Chimme

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Winner in intermediate class with CQ and 3rd Best Bitch with CAC!

For Quita this means that she got her second Danish CAC:)


GHALI GOLDEN BRUNETTE Winner in openclass class with CQ!

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