Kennel Ghali wish all our Ghali families & friends A Happy New Year!
And a prosperous and succesful 2014!

This year is coming to it´s end!
I will try to make a short summary of the last 12 months, when we are back home again:)!
I have also lots of pictures to update the website with:))))

And even this year, the same procedure like last year/as every year:) we are spending some days in Torekov.

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Thank you to all who has send me/us Christmascards and textmessages,very appreciated!
I hope you all have had a wonderful christmas:) and spoiled your fourlegged a little bit extra!
I wish you all a wonderful New Year and all the best for 2014!
Below you can enjoy some wonderful Christmas greetings from some of our lovely Ghalidogs:)!

Safir´s son Anton
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Greetings from Safir & Primus son!
Some weeks ago I received a few pictures in my email from Zimba and Zorro´s owner:)!
Thank you Maria.
To the left on the picture is sweet Zimba, he is a son of our lovely Primus.
Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" to the right on the picture below is Safir´s lovely son Zorro, from our F-litter! Ghali For I`M Fire N`ice"Zorro"
They live an active life with the Rhenberg/Sjöqvist family:)
They are often out in the woods and fields, for long walks or tracking.
When the weather permits, they're also out on the sea fishing with the family boat.
Safir´s son Zorro has proved to be really great at tracking:) he only needs one more first prize to call him self Champion:)!
Despite the low age between them, they are best friends and works great together:)
But I'm not surprised that it works so well between these two guys, their two-legged dad has a strong and clear leadership role.
To see more pictures of Safir´s son Zorro, go to his own gallery page here >>

Zimba och Zorro
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I have received tons of lovely pictures of Asla´s beautiful son Chimme:)
Nordvch Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani", thank you Anne!
I have updated Chimme´s gallerypage with a lot of new pictures, about 50:))))
A few of him on the frontpage, and more of him in his own gallery here >>

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Greetings from Awena´s lovely son Dex:) he is from our C-litter, Awena x Lex
Dex new owners sent me an email with some pictures from their walk at the beach:) Thanks!
Dex has settled in great at his new home on the country side:) and everything works great with the other four-legged animals:)!
Come back for more updates soon!

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Some weeks ago I received tons of beautiful pictures from Chimme´s mum Anne:)
I have updated the photogallery 2013 with some of them. It´s from one of the siblings playdates in Skanör/Falsterbo. Chimme & Salma are from our D-litter, Asla x Minos.
They are both great trackers:) and Chimme is the first and only Ridgeback in Sweden, that has received the title NORDIC BLOODTRACKING CHAMPION!
To see all the lovely pictures of the siblings
Nordvch Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani" & Sevch Ghali Great Dream"Salma"
playdate, go to the gallerypage here >>
Thank you so much Anne:) for sharing all these beautiful pictures with us.
All pictures taken by Chimme´s mum Anne Thell Ulfshög

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I have received more lovely pictures in my email:) from Awena´s beautiful daughter
"Esther" Ghali Excellent Misty, Thank you Eva:)!
I am so grateful for all the pictures and updates I receive from you all
And I´m sorry:( I am a little late in my updates, I have received lots of lovely pictures.
But I have to update the pictures in the order that I have received them.
If you don´t see your pictures here on the website,you know why!
To see more pictures of Esther, go to her own gallery page here >>
Also two pictures below of Esther´s beautiful brother Nelio:) more pic of Nelio here >>
And a few pictures of me and Lotta, taken by Anne

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More lovely pictures has arrived:)! this time from Safir´s daughter Keniya.
From our F-litter, Ghali For I`M Flavour"Keniya" to see more pictures of Keniya go to her own gallery here >>
Thank you Ida

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I have updated Salma and Yeba´s gallerypages with some new nice pictures of this two lovely sisters:) both Swedish Bloodtracking Champions!
Salma & Yeba are from our D-litter, Asla x Minos
Sevch Ghali Great Dream"Salma"
& Sevch Ghali Great Dawn"Yeba"
First out is Salma, to see more pictures of her, click on the picture below!


To see more pictures of Yeba, click on the picture below!

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Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" has become a grandfather:)!
On the 30/11,his daughter Nuch Ridgedogs Delicious Ready gave birth to 4 little wonders at Ridgedogs Kennel in Norway
3 boys and1girl. Everything went great and Ready is taken great care of her babies:)
Huge congratulations to all involved:)!

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I have received a few new pictures of our sweet boy Xavi:)
from our E-litter (Awena x Wilson)
Thank you Anne
To see more pictures, go to Xavis own gallery page here >>

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Multichampion Emoyeni's Grand Zuberi”Lex”
Pappa till Awena´s första kull vår C-kull, har somnat in.
En ståtlig och vacker herre, som lämnar ett stort tomrum efter sig.
Lex levde ett långt och lyckligt hundliv.
Våra tankar går till Tina med familj, varma kramar från oss alla
R.I.P Kära Lex 

Foto Malin Karlsson

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I have updated Tolouse gallery page with some new pictures. I have also received some pictures of Tolouse from Chimmes mum Anne, thank you:)
To see more pictures of Tolouse, go to her gallerypage here >>

Pictures of Tolouse, taken by Anne

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I have received a lot of beautiful pictures in my email:) from some of our puppy owners!
First out is the siblings Yeba and Chimme, from our D-litter (Asla Minos)
The pictures below are from their playdate in early autumn.To see more pictures of Yeba and Chimme in their own gallery pages, click on their names below!
SEVCH Ghali Great Dawn"Yeba"
NORDVCH Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani"
Thank you Anne

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Ghali Excellent Dresden”Houdini”  from our E-litter, (Awena x Wilson) took his third first prize in openclass bloodtracking):) and that made him
Huge Congratulations Susanne and Houdini

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Unfortunately it was raining when Safir´s daughter
"Enza” Ghali For I`M Fancy visited us:(
And because of the rain, I was unable to take pictures of the girls:(
But I wanted to get a few pictures of sweet Enza anyway, you can see them below. Unfortunately not the best quality!
Despite the rain, the girls had a great day at the beach:)))))
Since we will have Enza staying with us for almost two weeks during Christmas and New Year:) there will be many more opportunities to take pictures of her and the girls.

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I have updated Texas gallerypage, Ghali For I`M Fennan"Texas"
Texas is from our F-litter, Safir x Lloyd
To see more pictures of Texas, click on his name above.

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Me and the rest of the pack wishes you the best of days.
Loving memory ♥ to Xola 2008-11-20 - 2010-03-14

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Finally my computer works again:))) now we will see for how long this time!
I have updated november gallery with lots of pictures from our autumn holiday in Torekov.
Always nice to be at Lotta and Yeba´s place for some quality time:)
Sevch Ghali Great Dawn”Yeba” is from our D-litter Asla x Minos daughter.
In 5 weeks we will come back and celebrate Christmas and New Year:)!
For those of you who are interested you can find the pictures from Torekov in the gallery here >> Enjoy:))))!!

Three generations:)!
Asla to the left,11 years young:)! with three of her daughters and one of her grandchildren.
Yeba from her last litter our D-litter, Asla x Minos.
Safir from her second litter our B-litter, Asla x Luku. And Awena from our A-litter,
Asla x Argos and to the right, Asla´s grandchild and Safir´s daughter Tolouse

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Due to a computer problem updates are delayed!
I have a lot of nice pictures from our holiday in Torekov. We have also had a dear visit from Safir´s daughter "Enza" Ghali For I`M Fancy. I have received som lovely pictures of Awena´s daughter "Esther" Ghali Excellent Misty and from Safir´s daughter
"Keniya" Ghali For I`M Flavour in my email. Last but not least a lot of lovely pictures from Asla´s children Salma and Chimme. Thank you all:)!
Yesterday we visited Awena x Lex son Ghali Grand Clive"Dex" it was so nice to see him again:) Besides pictures, I also have a few events to update with .

BUT!! I can´t get none of these pictures, because of computer problems:(((
I hope that it can be solved soon!

Our youngster Ghali For I`M Farika"Tolouse"

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Ghali For I'M Flavour”Keniya” Safir x Lloyd daughter
also x-rayed clear on hips and elbows with best possible result:)!
HD: A/A ED: UA (0) this means that she is free from hip and elbow dysplasia.
Congratulations Ida and Henrik

Seven out of seven from our F-litter are now x-rayed, all with perfect hips!

Ghali For I`M Fire N`ice”Zorro”    HD: A/A      ED: UA (0)
Ghali For I`M Fancy"Enza"           HD: A/A      ED: UA (0)
Ghali For I`M Fennan"Texas"       HD: A/A      ED: UA (0)
Ghali For I`M Farika"Toulose"      HD: A/A      ED: UA (0)
Ghali For I`M Fallon"Pippi"           HD: A/A      ED: 1
Ghali For I'M Floyd"Anton"           HD: A/B      ED: UA (0)
Ghali For I'M Flavour”Keniya”       HD: A/A      ED: UA (0)

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Ghali Great Dawn”Yeba”  from our D-litter, (Asla x Minos) took her third first prize in openclass bloodtracking with HP (Honours prize):) and that made her
Huge Congratulations Lotta and Yeba

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Some more photos has arrived!!! This time from lovely Anton:)

I received a lot of great mixed pictures in my email of Safir´s lovely son Anton
(Ghali For I`M Floyd) from our F-litter (Safir x Lloyd)
He is such a handsome young boy, who lives with his owners in our capital.
I wish they lived closer to us, but I get to enjoy our long phone calls instead:):)
It's always nice to get updates on how they have it in their everyday lives.
I am very grateful for all the phone calls and text message that I get from all of you:)
makes me happy!!!!
And how lucky for me that we have so many great photographers among our puppy owners:)!
Enjoy the latest pictures of Anton in his own gallery here >>
And below some pictures from his playdates with his dogfriends, and some tracking pic!
Thank you Karin & Andreas for all the lovely photos!

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At the International Dogshow in Växjö, Sweden, 
Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" son
Seuch Sevch Brisamar Meville"Memphis" went all the way to BEST MALE, BOB, CACIB & BIG 4!!!
Huge congrats to owner and breeder:)!

At the International Dogshow in Herning, Denmark, 
The daddy to our F-litter, Ch. Shavano's look out for Lloyd 
Huge congrats to owner and breeder:)!

More great showresults from the weekend!
At the International Dogshow in Herning, Denmark yesterday!
Intuch Norduch Kbhv-13 Ghali Grand Caspian" daughter
"Dunja" A´likabeauty´s Etana of Caspian
Won the openclass with Excellent and CQ and finally placed as 4th BEST BITCH:)!
Huge Congrats to owner breeder and handler:)!

Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" will soon be a grandfather:)!
At the picture below his lovely daughter
Nuch Ridgedogs Delicious "Ready"on day 34 in her pregnancy! Ready lives in Norway at Ridgedogs Kennel

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I received this picture in my mobile from Dex new owners:)
(Ghali Grand Clive"Dex") from our C-litter (Awena x Lex) who has settled in very well in his new family:)
Soon we will come and visit him, we wanted to wait a bit so that he will have a chance to get used to his new family. When we visit him, I will bring my camera with me and take lots of new pictures of him. His new owner greets that everything is going really well, he is an amazing dog in every way, and they love him. Lovely when everything work out for the best:) ♥ 

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Primus has a new champion offspring!
Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos”Primus” has a new CHAMPION offspring, this time it´s….
Waytogo Halo”Telma”, Telma took her third first prize in openclass bloodtracking:) and that made her new SWEDISH FIELD/BLOODTRACKING CHAMPION!
Huge Congratulations Tori and Telma

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Greetings from Asla´s son Saros, (Safir´s brother)
I received some really lovely pictures in my email from Saros mum Karin:)
Saros is from our B-litter, (Asla Luku) Seuch Sevch Ghali Golden Bontell
To see more pictures of Saros, go to his own gallerypage here >>
Thank you Karin
Me, Ulf and the girls are spending our days in Torekov:) at Lotta and Yebas place.
A lovely place to be:) 
Yeba is from our D-litter, (Asla x Minos) Sevch Ghali Great Dawn.

On Saturday we will have a dear visit from Safir´s daughter
Ghali For I`M Fancy"Enza" with family. Enza is from our F-litter, (Safir x Lloyd)
I think that Tolouse will be very happy to meet her sister for a playdate.
I´m really looking forward to see sweet Enza again, and I will bring my camera with me:)

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I have finally updated october gallery, with a lot of pictures from Tolouse and Texas playdate!
Last week we met up with Safir´s son Texas for a playdate with his sister Tolouse and his mum Safir:) Texas and Tolouse are from our F-litter, (Safir x Lloyd)
To see the pictures from their playdate, go to the gallery here >>

Tolouse och Texas
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I have updated some galleries:)!
First out Asla´s daughter Ghali Golden Brunette, from our B-litter (Asla x Luku)
And Awena´s daughter Ghali Excellent Eureka "Vilja", from our E-litter (Awena x Wilson)

Brunette och Vilja

Awena´s daughters Cenna & Quita!
Sevch Ghali Grand Cenna, from our C-litter (Awena x Lex)
And Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Excellent Jade"Quita", from our E-litter (Awena x Wilson)

Quita och Cenna

I have received a lot of lovely pictures in my email:)!
The pictures is from Safir´s brother Saros and her son Anton:)
The pictures will be up here as soon as I can.
Thank you Karin and Karin & Andreas:)!!!

Below some mixed pictures from our breeding:) 
Most of the pictures, @ Emma Månsson and Helene Volkert
Thank you Emma and Helene for lovely pictures of your girls.

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Some more photos has arrived! This time greetings from Xavi
(Ghali Excellent Redgent) from our E-litter (Awena x Wilson) who has settled in very well in his new country:)

Some words from his mum Anne, below!

A small greeting from us on the "other side" ;) Xavi feels great like never before; seems that he is made for this climate! On the other hand, he is the only one who can go "naked" ...

When others (mortals) are trying to find a place under a fan and have already showered 13 times today, goes the King of Singapore and settles on the only balcony with sun ....  This is no spring sun, it´s tropical heat and clear blue sky ; feels like150 degrees .... Need I say that he is the one who has adapted best to the climate.
Xavi feel great:) Hugs!

Also a big thank you to Anton´s owner Karin for the lovely gifts you got me:) and for a very nice and long talk yesterday:)
Thank you all for keeping me informed:)!
Keep on sending me pictures. I like it:)!

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Eldar hade en bra dag i älgskogen!

I helgen var Awena´s son Sevch Ghali Excellent Nassak” Eldar” med på sitt första riktiga eftersök. Han spårade en skadeskjuten ungtjur ca 400 m.
Lugnt och metodiskt spårande, och sen en undersökning av hela älgen under tiden som jägarna tog hand om den.

Safir´s dotter ”Keniya” Ghali For I`M Flavour, går en viltspårskurs med matte Ida
Och Safir sonen ”Anton” Ghali For I`M Floyd, var ute i helgen med matte och husse i skogen och spårade.

Själv kommer vi snart att ha lite höstlov i paradiset:)!
Jag Ulf och tjejerna kommer åka till Torekov och passa Asla dottern Yeba:)!
Sevch Ghali Great Dawn, som är från vår D-kull.
Medans matte Lotta njuter av lite ledighet och semester på varmare breddgrader.

När vi kommer hem från paradiset får vi besök av Safir dottern
"Enza” Ghali For I`M Fancy med familj:)!
Om allt fungerar bra med systrarna F, kommer Enza att tillbringa Jul och Nyår med vår flock:):):)
Bilden nedan är från Älgskogen!

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I have updated "Tolouse" Ghali For I`M Farika gallery page!
She is from our F-litter, Safir x Lloyd
She joined our pack 3 months ago.
She is a girl with a lot of speed and energy, loves to hunt and track.
Works with all dogs regardless of race and sex
She has a heart of gold and is a confident little lady. She loooooves her mother, and like sleeping with her either in the bed or couch.

A couple of days ago, she met her brother "Texas" Ghali For I`M Fennan for a playdate:)!
Pictures from their playdate, coming up as soon as I had time to go through all.
Go to Tolouse photopage here >>   (Always the newest pictures at the top!)

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Love this picture of Asla´s son Sighsten:) from our B-litter, Asla x Luku
The picture is taken by Helene, she is a great photographer:)

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En liten rapport till alla ni som undrar hur allt har gått.
Dexter  kallas för Dex numera, och anledningen till det är att namnet på familjens andra hund är så snarlikt.
Dex är från vår C-kull, Awena x Lex, de firar sin femte födelsedag nästa månad.
Vi blev kontaktade av en anhörig till familjen för cirka 3 veckor sedan, om att det behövdes ett nytt hem till Dex på grund av ändrade familjeförhållanden, som jag inte kommer att gå in närmare på.

Dagen efter åkte vi och hämtade Dex, han blev så glad när han såg oss):):):)
och for rakt in i bilen direkt.
Han är en otroligt trevlig RR hane, lydig, tillgiven och snäll.
Man kan inte låta bli att förälska sig i honom ♥

Han fungerar med alla människor, stora som små. Andra fyrbenta har han heller inga problem med.Han har träffat hästar, katter, andra hundar och hanar och allt fungerar kanon. Där finns inga aggressioner alls i honom, i vart fall inte vad vi sett och märkt under dessa veckor.
Vi hoppas och tror att allt ska fungera lika bra som det gjort hittills:)

Vill passa på att tacka till alla som på något vis engagerat sig och hjälpt till med allt!
Ni vet vem ni är:)!
Ingen nämnd och ingen glömd….

Dex hälsar att han mår bra, och att hans bästis för tillfället är grann katten :)!!!
Glädjande nog har Dex fyrbenta vän Baxter (schäfer)även han omhändertagits.
Vi önskar han lycka till, och hoppas att han kommer till en aktiv och kärleksfull familj.

Har uppdaterat Dex foto sida här >>

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I have updated Keniya´s gallery page!
Safir´s lovely daughter (Ghali For I`M Flavour"Keniya")
from the F-litter (Safir x Lloyd).
Thank you Ida:)! to see more pictures of lovely Keniya, click here >>

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More galleries updated!
This time it´s Awena´s son from our E-litter, (Awena x Wilson)
Ghali Excellent Troyan, more pictures of him in his own gallery here >>
I have also updated Chimmes gallery page with a few pictures:)
Chimme is from our D-litter, (Asla x Minos)
Nordvch Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani" to see more pictures of Chimme, go to his gallerypage here >>
I have also updated our Champion page, since we got two new Champions last week:):):)
To see and read more about our Ghalichampions, click here >>


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I have received some lovely photos in my e-mail of Safir´s daughter Enza
(Ghali For I`M Fancy) from the F-litter (Safir x Lloyd).
Thank you Isabelle for the lovely photos:)!

I have also updated Lloyd´s gallery page here >>
Sevch Ghali Excellent Nassak"Eldar" gallery page here >>
Sevch Ghali Excellent Dresden"Houdini" gallery page here >>
I have also updated with some pic from SRRS show in Råå here >>

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Brisamar Meville”Memphis” is new SWEDISH SHOW CHAMPION!
Yesterday at the International  Dogshow in Sundsvall, some of Primus beautiful offspring were shown:)! Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" son
Memphis winner in Openclass, 3rd BEST MALE with his third and last CAC and became Swedish Champion!!!



Handsome halfbrother Waytogo Nimbus who also competed in openclass finished as second with CQ in his class, just after his halfbrother Memphis, but later not placed in Best Male.
Nimbus litter sister Waytogo Halo”Telma” placed Excellent 3 with CQ
Huge congratulations to owner and breeder!


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Caspian gene tested for DM Degenerativ Myelopathy:N/N normal (non carrier)
Read more about DM here >>

I have a lot of pages to update!
Great tracking & show results, new titles and a lot of pictures:)!
I will also do a lot of changes on the website.
Many pages which unfortunately has not been updated in a long time,sorry for that:(
There is no way that I can keep up of everyone's results, placements, dates and judges.
So please if you want me to update your dog's results, send an SMS or an e-mail.
Perhaps this is an explanation of why certain results are not up here.
Wish you all a wonderful weekend:):):)

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9x1st prize   4xHP  2xSEVCH


This weekend some of our Ghalidogs went to Vänersborg to participate in a blood tracking competition!
19 dogs of all breeds participated. Only three of those nineteen got an Honors’ Prize, And all three were from our breeding:):):)!!! Wohoo…
It´s not that easy to get an HP (Honors’ prize)
Number one and WINNER in the Blood tracking competition (all breeds)
Nordic tracking champion Ghali Great Dillon”Chimani”
huge congrats team Anne & Chimme:)
Chimme has the blood tracking champion title in three Nordic countries:)!
Sweden, Norway and Denmark! And can call himself Nordic Tracking Champion:)!!!

The other two who got a 1st prize with HP (Honours prize) were sweet Eldar
from our E-litter, SEVCH Ghali Excellent Nassak”Eldar”
Eldar took his champion title earlier this spring:)
and Chimme´s litter sister SEVCH Ghali Great Dream"Salma”
Huge congratulations Åsa & Eldar and Maria & Salma:)

Ghali Excellent Dresden"Houdini" from our E-litter, took his third first prize in openclass bloodtracking and that made him CHAMPION!!!
Huge congratulations Susanne & Houdini:)

Ghali For I`M Fire N`ice”Zorro” who started his second openclass track, did great:) and he received his second 1st prize in a row!!!:)
Just one more to go for this boys first title!
Congrats Melle & Zorro:)
Ghali Great Dawn”Yeba” from our D-litter
received a 1st prize in her openclasstrack with HP (Honors’ prize)!!!!
This was Yeba`s third 1st prize, and that means that she got the champion title:)
Swedish Blood tracking Champion!!!
Huge congratulations Lotta:)

So proud of these talented dogs and happy that their owners take the time to activate and compete with them. The dogs love tracking:)!
Me and our youngster” Toulouse” Ghali For I`M Farika stayed home this time, since we are looking for a new family to sweet Dex. Otherwise we would also try some tracking this weekend.
No rush… there will be more tracking weekends:)!
In a few months we will meet in the woods again, for some more tracking:):):)
Thank you all for the sms report´s and mobile pictures!
Take care, hugs and kisses to all of you ♥

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Ghali Grand Clive"Dex" född 20/11-2008
Behöver en ny matte eller husse OMGÅENDE!
Dex är en välfungerande vuxen RR-hane på 5 år.
Han är positiv, glad, snäll och väldigt tillgiven och tillgänglig:)
Han har provat på lydnad, dock ej utställning på grund av ridgefel!
Dex bor för tillfället hos oss.
Känner ni att ni är rätt matte eller husse för Dex, och kan ge honom ett tryggt hem där han får massor av kärlek.
Omplaceringen går via oss, vid intresse vänligen kontakta mig
via info@ghali.se eller på 0708396182

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Some more pictures has arrived!
This time greetings from Jamba ( Seuch Sevch Ghali Adani af Argos)
from the A-litter (Asla x Argos) and Troyan (Ghali Excellent Troyan)
from the E-litter (Awena x Wilson)
Thank you Ingvar for the pictures:)!

Jamba & Troyan
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Nowdays I mostly take and put up pictures of our dogs that we have bred.
So felt it was time to update my own dogs:)
A couple of days ago I brought my camera along for one of our daily walks, this time at the beach.
Pictures from the beach in the 2013 gallery here >>
The girls gallery pages is updated with a few new pictures.
There are new pictures in Asla´s photogallery 10-11 years, and I have also made a new gallery 11-12 years.
Also a few new pictures in Awena´s gallery 7-8 years, and I have also made a new gallery for Awena 8-9 years with a few new pictures.
Asla celebrated her 11th birthday this month, Awena her 8th last month,
Safir is 5½ years and Tolouse 1½ years old.
To see more pictures of our girls, click on their names above! 

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I have updated Cenna´s gallery page!
Sevch Ghali Grand Cenna from our C-litter, Awena x Lex
More pictures of Awena´s beautiful daughter Cenna here >>

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I received this kind words from Nelio´s owners Caroline & Niklas:)!
Ghali Excellent York"Nelio" is from our E-litter (Awena x Wilson) 
At the picture below he is only 6 weeks old ♥
Nelio and his siblings celebrated their second birthday in April:)! Time flies....
Thank you so much Caroline and Niklas for this kind words:) makes me very happy!!!

Nelio 6 weeks
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I have updated some more galleires:)! Scoll down to see more.
This time it´s  Awena´s daughter Ghali Excellent Eureka"Vilja", from our E-litter.
To see more pictures of lovely Vilja, go to her own gallery here>>
Also a few new pictures of Asla´s  lovely daughter Ghali Great Dawn"Yeba"
from our D-litter. More pictures of Yeba here >>

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Some more greetings has arrived!

Greetings from Safir´s son Zorro (Ghali For I`M Fire N`ice)
from our F-litter (Safir X Lloyd) and his big brother Zimba:)
Zimba is a son of Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos”Primus”
To see more pictures of Zorro, go to his gallerypage here >>
Thank you Maria and Melle for the lovely pictures of your sweet boys:)!

I have also updated some gallery pages, with a few new pictures!
Click on the names below to go to their own galleries.
Ghali Excellent York”Nelio”, from our E-litter (Awena x Wilson)
Sevch Ghali Excellent Nassak”Eldar” also from our E-litter
And Safir´s brother Seuch Sevch Ghali Golden Bontell”Saros”
from our B-litter (Asla x Luku)
I have also updated Wilson (MultiCh Roseridge Red Rastaban)
who is the sire of our E-litter

Zimba flirts with the camera:)

Zimba & Zorro
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Great Showweekend and results for Ghali!
BOB x 2 BIG 1 & KBHV-13
On Saturday it was the International Dogshow in Denmark. Ballerup!
Awena´s son Intuch Norduch Ghali Grand Caspian BOB BIG 1
and COPENHAGEN WINNER 2013! Giving him a new title KBHV-13!
Caspian is from our C-litter, Awena x Lex.
And both Awena och Lex received this title in 2009:)!

On Sunday at the Danish Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Dogshow in Karlslunde
Caspian did great once again BEST MALE & BEST OF BREED:)!
Huge congrats team Anneli and Caspian, Happy!!!!

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I have updated the photogallery with some mixed pictures when we visited Lotta and Yeba in Torekov:) to see the pictures go to the gallery here >>

Tolouse our new pack member from our F-litter, Safir x Lloyd
and the siblings from our D-litter, Chimme and Yeba (Asla x Minos)

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