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Kennel Ghali wish all our Ghali families & friends A Happy New Year!
And a prosperous and succesful 2014!

This year is coming to it´s end!
I will try to make a short summary of the last 12 months, when we are back home again:)!
I have also lots of pictures to update the website with:))))

And even this year, the same procedure like last year/as every year:) we are spending some days in Torekov.

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Thank you to all who has send me/us Christmascards and textmessages,very appreciated!
I hope you all have had a wonderful christmas:) and spoiled your fourlegged a little bit extra!
I wish you all a wonderful New Year and all the best for 2014!
Below you can enjoy some wonderful Christmas greetings from some of our lovely Ghalidogs:)!

Safir´s son Anton
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Greetings from Safir & Primus son!
Some weeks ago I received a few pictures in my email from Zimba and Zorro´s owner:)!
Thank you Maria.
To the left on the picture is sweet Zimba, he is a son of our lovely Primus.
Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" to the right on the picture below is Safir´s lovely son Zorro, from our F-litter! Ghali For I`M Fire N`ice"Zorro"
They live an active life with the Rhenberg/Sjöqvist family:)
They are often out in the woods and fields, for long walks or tracking.
When the weather permits, they're also out on the sea fishing with the family boat.
Safir´s son Zorro has proved to be really great at tracking:) he only needs one more first prize to call him self Champion:)!
Despite the low age between them, they are best friends and works great together:)
But I'm not surprised that it works so well between these two guys, their two-legged dad has a strong and clear leadership role.
To see more pictures of Safir´s son Zorro, go to his own gallery page here >>

Zimba och Zorro
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I have received tons of lovely pictures of Asla´s beautiful son Chimme:)
Nordvch Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani", thank you Anne!
I have updated Chimme´s gallerypage with a lot of new pictures, about 50:))))
A few of him on the frontpage, and more of him in his own gallery here >>

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Greetings from Awena´s lovely son Dex:) he is from our C-litter, Awena x Lex
Dex new owners sent me an email with some pictures from their walk at the beach:) Thanks!
Dex has settled in great at his new home on the country side:) and everything works great with the other four-legged animals:)!
Come back for more updates soon!

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Some weeks ago I received tons of beautiful pictures from Chimme´s mum Anne:)
I have updated the photogallery 2013 with some of them. It´s from one of the siblings playdates in Skanör/Falsterbo. Chimme & Salma are from our D-litter, Asla x Minos.
They are both great trackers:) and Chimme is the first and only Ridgeback in Sweden, that has received the title NORDIC BLOODTRACKING CHAMPION!
To see all the lovely pictures of the siblings
Nordvch Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani" & Sevch Ghali Great Dream"Salma"
playdate, go to the gallerypage here >>
Thank you so much Anne:) for sharing all these beautiful pictures with us.
All pictures taken by Chimme´s mum Anne Thell Ulfshög

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I have received more lovely pictures in my email:) from Awena´s beautiful daughter
"Esther" Ghali Excellent Misty, Thank you Eva:)!
I am so grateful for all the pictures and updates I receive from you all
And I´m sorry:( I am a little late in my updates, I have received lots of lovely pictures.
But I have to update the pictures in the order that I have received them.
If you don´t see your pictures here on the website,you know why!
To see more pictures of Esther, go to her own gallery page here >>
Also two pictures below of Esther´s beautiful brother Nelio:) more pic of Nelio here >>
And a few pictures of me and Lotta, taken by Anne

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More lovely pictures has arrived:)! this time from Safir´s daughter Keniya.
From our F-litter, Ghali For I`M Flavour"Keniya" to see more pictures of Keniya go to her own gallery here >>
Thank you Ida

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I have updated Salma and Yeba´s gallerypages with some new nice pictures of this two lovely sisters:) both Swedish Bloodtracking Champions!
Salma & Yeba are from our D-litter, Asla x Minos
Sevch Ghali Great Dream"Salma"
& Sevch Ghali Great Dawn"Yeba"
First out is Salma, to see more pictures of her, click on the picture below!


To see more pictures of Yeba, click on the picture below!

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Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" has become a grandfather:)!
On the 30/11,his daughter Nuch Ridgedogs Delicious Ready gave birth to 4 little wonders at Ridgedogs Kennel in Norway
3 boys and1girl. Everything went great and Ready is taken great care of her babies:)
Huge congratulations to all involved:)!

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I have received a few new pictures of our sweet boy Xavi:)
from our E-litter (Awena x Wilson)
Thank you Anne
To see more pictures, go to Xavis own gallery page here >>

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Multichampion Emoyeni's Grand Zuberi”Lex”
Pappa till Awena´s första kull vår C-kull, har somnat in.
En ståtlig och vacker herre, som lämnar ett stort tomrum efter sig.
Lex levde ett långt och lyckligt hundliv.
Våra tankar går till Tina med familj, varma kramar från oss alla
R.I.P Kära Lex 

Foto Malin Karlsson

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