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Unfortunately I have a problem with one of my email addresses!
If you have sent any email this week on this address, helene@ghali.se?
Please send it again on this address, info@ghali.se

New updates. The girls have met Asla`s son Saros, we also had a very dear visit of Safir`s son Texas. At least once a week he we will come and play with his sister and be with our pack. He miss his big brother, so perhaps this makes it a little easier.

Safir's daughter "Enza" Ghali For I`M Fancy stayed here for a couple of weeks, when her family was on vacation, she spent Christmas and New Year in Skåne. I have updated the gallery for 2013 with a lot of pictures  from one of our playdates. Enjoy:)!
Go to the gallery here >>

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Results from our Ghalidogs!

For the second year in a row!!! Huge congratulations:)))))


NORDVCH Ghali Great Dillon "Chimani" 1thPlace
SEVCH Ghali Excellent Nassak "Eldar" 3:e Place
SEVCH Ghali Excellent Dresden "Houdini" 9th Place

SEUCH DKUCH SEVCH Ghali Excellent Jade"Quita" 8th Place

Ghali Golden Brunette 5th Place
I have made a new listwinner for 2013, here >>

If there is something I have missed to get on the list! You may like to help me fill it:)!

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Our sweet Asla gone forever…
We miss her so much ♥
Heaven has taken so many angels the last months ;(

Safir's son Texas lost his big brother only a week after Asla. It is really so so sad...

For those of you who are interested, here are some pictures taken just three days before Asla passed away. We have, of course, much more pictures, but we do not want to share all of them.
Some have asked what happened with Asla, and a part already knows. But for those of you who still wonder. I will make a very short explanation of what happened,(only in Swedish)

But it is not just sad updates. A few days ago we had a dear visit from Asla´s son Harley.
He is from our D-litter, Asla x Minos. This litter is celebrating their 4th birthday next month.
We have not seen Harley for a very long time, so I was happily surprised!!!!
Jimmy had read on the website about Asla, so he wanted to say hallo and express his condolences and leave a lovely bouquet of flowers and to show up Harley. So kind…
It was really great to see Harley again, a big and gentle boy with a lovely face.
Now we will try to meet him for a playdate with our girls. Tolouse has already played with him in our garden, they had much fun.
Thank you Jimmy, for the visit and for the lovely flowers.
About Asla, only in Swedish here >>

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I wish the Rainbow Bridge had a phone so I could hear your bark again. I thought of you today, but that's nothing new. I thought of you yesterday and the day before that too. I think of you in silence.
You will always be loved, and never forgotten. We love you Asla ♥

Me and Ulf want to say THANK YOU all for all the nice and kind words in emails, cards,sms and FB posts!
Not to mention all the lovely flowers that we have received, it warms our hearts.

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2002-09-15 - 2014-01-05

I går tog vi farväl av vår älskade vän. Vi visste att denna dag skulle komma, att vi var tvungna att släppa taget och låta dig gå.
Det gör så fruktansvärt ont, och vi kommer att sakna dig!
De sista veckorna var du tröttare och du kunde och ville inte hänga med på samma sätt som du alltid gjort. Men ändå alltid lika glad med en ständigt viftade svans.
Beslutet att släppa taget och låta dig gå var så svårt, det tuffaste vi behövt ta.
Men du lämnade oss lugnt och fridfullt här hemma med oss alla och med dina döttrar och barnbarnet. Vi fick alla ta ett sista farväl av dig.
Safir och Tolouse turades om att ligga hos dig, Awena tvättade och pussade på dig som bara hon gör….
Och när du la ditt huvud i mitt knä och tittade på mig med dina stora fina ögon rätt in i mina, då visste jag att nu är det dags, men ändå… gör det så ont.
Vi har så många fina minnen tillsammans, och vi kommer aldrig glömma den dagen för drygt 11 år sedan då vi hämtade hem dig från Margareta och Lars-Gunnar i Sjöbo.
Du lever vidare genom dina fina avkommer, och genom dom har vi en bit av dig ♥

Tack för allt du gav oss. Och tack Margareta och Lars-Gunnar för en underbar hund.

Sov gott älskade Asla

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Back home again after spending some quality time in Torekov:)
First I want to wish all of you a Happy 2014:)!
and I hope that your dogs handled the fireworks well.
Last but not least, thanks for all the New Year greetings:)))))

I will update with a few pictures from Torekov, and of course pictures of Safir´s daughter Enza (Tolouse sister)!
Coming as soon as I can.....

Ghali For I`M Fancy"Enza" has been with us since 22/12, spending a few days with us and a few with my mother in law:)
Tomorrow she will join her own pack, and we all gonna miss her.
She is so kind and sweet, but also a girl with lots of energy:)
just like her mother and sister!
In a few hours we will meet again for a playdate with the girls:)

New updates, a few pictures below of Ghali Amir af Argos"Peppe".
Asla x Argos son, from our A-litter!
As a puppy, he was an incredibly foodfreak:)))))
He was also the one in the litter that was darkest, so dark that we gave him the nickname Black Petter. He have a special place in my heart.

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