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I have still problems with my email:(((
and this problem seems to take longer to fix than we thought:(!!!!
Our girls Awena & Safir is in heat, that´s why only Tolouse and Texas meet at the moment. We meet Texas once a week for a play & hunt date, which they both seems to appreciate. To see more snowpictures go to the gallery here >>  

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Another gallerypage is updated:)! this time Tolouse lovely sister
Ghali For I`M Fancy"Enza"
To see more pictures of Enza, go to her gallery here >>
Wish all of you a great weekend:)

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I have updated Tolouse gallery page, for those of you who are interested to see more pictures of our youngster:) go to her gallery here >>

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More pictures in the photogallery 2014, of the siblings Tolouse & Texas.
They really have so much fun together:) more pictures of the siblings coming up here next week.
I have also updated Asla´s gallery, with the last photos taken of her before she passed away! We miss you every day

Gallery 2014 here >>
Asla gallery here >>

Texas & Tolouse
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Finally I have made a new gallery for 2014!
And the gallery is updated with some pictures from one of Tolouse and Texas playdates:) Texas & Tolouse is from our F-litter, Safir x Lloyd
I have still plenty of pictures from their dates:) and it will take some time before they will be up here on the website.
This morning me, Ulf and the girls went for a long morning walk with Texas and his mum Lena. No pictures from this morning walk because of the rain.
Go to the gallery 2014 here >>

Tolouse & Texas
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Happy 4th Birthday to our D- litter today!
Today my D-litter turns 4 years old! I can't believe you are all grown up now! I am so proud of this wonderful gang and their owners and I am so happy that I get to see most of them from time to time!
I wish you all a wonderful day with lots of treats from your familys!
Love to you all from me and the rest of the pack!
With loving memory to our sweetest Akili 2010-02-12 - 2012-08-29

Chimani Darky Harley Duke Doris Yeba Salma Enzi

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Another handsome boy:) this time Djembe´s litter brother Ghali Excellent Troyan!
From our E-litter, Awena x Wilson.
I received a lot of lovely pictures in my email of Awena´s sweetest son Troyan.
He lives with his big brother Jamba, from our A-litter!
Jamba is a son after (Asla x Argos), a brother to Troyan´s mother Awena.
Seuch Sevch Ghali Adani af Argos"Jamba"

I have updated Troyan´s gallery page with 23 new pictures:)
always the newest at the top!
Enjoy the latest pictures of Troyan in his own gallery here >>
And below some pictures of sweet Jamba:)!
Thank you Ingvar for all the lovely photos!

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Another handsome boy:) Ghali Excellent Jaiden"Djembe"!
I have updated his gallery page with some new and some old pictures.
The show pictures is from his latest show at the Swedish Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Specialty Show last summer. At this show Djembe gained Excellent and was placed as 3rd Best Openclass male out of 25:))))
To see more pictures of this happy and lovely son of Awena x Wilson, got to his gallery page here >>

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Some more photos has arrived!!! This time from lovely Zorro:)

I received a lot of great mixed pictures in my email of Safir´s lovely son Zorro
(Ghali For I`M Fire N`ice) from our F-litter (Safir x Lloyd)
He is such a handsome young boy, he lives with his big brother Zimba.
Zimba is a son after (Asla x Argos) son Primus, from our A-litter!
Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus"
It's always nice to get updates on how they are doing in their everyday lives.
I am very grateful for all the phone calls and text message that I get from all of you:)
makes me happy!!!!
And how lucky for me that we have so many great photographers among our puppy owners:)!
Enjoy the latest pictures of Zorro in his own gallery here >>
And below some pictures from his playdate with his big brother:)!
Thank you Maria & Melle for all the lovely photos!


Zorro with his big brother Zimba

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 I have updated the website with some pictures from our stay in Torekov.

This year was different than the other years, I did not take as many pictures of the beautiful surroundings because I have taken so many pictures the other years so you have already seen the lovely surroundings and the beautiful nature:)
And there are not many pictures from our walks either:( and the reason is that it´s me who takes pictures, and this year me and Asla went on our own walks.

But for those of you interested, there are a few in the gallery 2013!

I have received many lovely pictures from safir´s son Zorro and from Awena son Troyan:)  thank you so much for the pictures, makes me happy!
They will be up here as fast as I can.
To see pictures from Torekov go to the gallery here >>

Safir och Tolouse
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