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I have received a lot of lovely photos of handsome” Anton”(Ghali For I`M Floyd son of Safir x Lloyd)
from his owners Karin & Andreas. THANK you so much for sharing these photos:)!
Below are some beautiful photos of Anton! He is just so nice to look at ♥
You can see all Anton´s photos at his own gallerypage here >>
Notice!! always the newest pictures in the top!
I have updated his gallery 1-2 years with about 20 pic,  and the 2-3 years old with a few more.
Also some mixed pictures of Anton can be found here in the photo gallery 2014

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I have unfortunately problems with updating some pages here on my website, some works and others don´t!
I hope this will be solved as soon as possible.

I have received some nice pictures of Safir´s beautiful daughter “Keniya” Ghali For I`M Flavour from our F-litter,
Safir x Lloyd Thank you Ida
Unfortunately is her gallery page not working:( but they will be up her I promise.
A few weeks ago was Keniya behavior and personality described. Click on the link if you are interested to read more about BPH hereBPH -   Behavior and personality description dog 

I have also updated with a few new pictures from one of our evening walks with Mr Chimme, Chim, Chimchong:)))
Nordvch Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani" from our D-litter Asla Minos
The quality of the pictures are not the best, here >>
But the photo gallery will be updated with a lot of more lovely pictures from another date with Chimme at the beach.

Keep on emailing me pictures of your dogs, always makes me happy!

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Our sweet and precious Awena turns 9 years old today!
We love you ♥ today you will get a few extra tasty things:) because if there is one thing Awena really appreciate it´s anything eatable!

Happy 9th Birthday to all your siblings in our A- litter today! (Asla x Argos)
I wish you all a wonderful day with lots of treats from your familys!
Love to you all from me and the rest of the pack!

Primus, Bosse, Peppe, Rossi, Cassius. Hannibal. Baltzar, Zingo. Jamba och Inra

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I have updated Yeba´s photo gallery, she is from our D-litter (Asla x Minos) go to her gallery here >>
I have received new pictures of Safir´s lovely son & daughter, Anton and Keniya ♥ will be up here soon!
Next weekend we will spend with Awena´s lovely and stunning brother Primus from our A-litter, Asla x Argos

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The photogallery updated with a lot of mixed pictures when the girls visited Awena´s lovely brother "Rossi"
Ghali Adimu af Argos, Asla x Argos from our A-litter! Go to the gallery page here >>

Rossi & Awena
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I have updated som galleries:)!
Nordvch Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani" from our D-litter, Asla x Minos. Chimmes gallery page here >>

Click on their names below to go to each page!
Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Excellent Jade"Quita"
Seuch Sevch Ghali Asani af Argos"Bosse"
Sevch Ghali Excellent Nassak"Eldar"
Ghali Golden Brunette
Ghali Excellent Eureka"Vilja"
Scroll down for more updates....

And more great showresults from Norway:) at the Internationell Dogshow in Oslo, Primus daughter and grandson received some very nice results again:)!
Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" daughter Nuch Ridgedogs Delicious Ready 3rd Best Bitch with R-CACIB , that will be a proper Cacib:) and her son Ridgedogs in love with Elvis BOB and BIG 4 .

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Mixed pictures taken by our dog owners from all of our litters (A - F) and a few taken by me!
Scroll down to see more....

Saros Brunette Cenna Quita och Vilja.

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I have updated Safir´s gallery page our sweet girl from our B-litter, Asla x Luku
Safir is the mother to our lovely F-litter ♥ if you want to see her lovely litter click here >>
And Safir´s gallery page here >>

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At the World Dog Show RR Specialty Show 2014 in Helsinki, Finland
Awena x Lex son C.I.B. FI, S, EE, LT CH, BALT JCH, S T CH  Ghali Grand Cinamon”Vilho”
entered the showring and gained excellent in the huge Championclass:)
128 dogs entered altogether, judged by Breed Specialist Orit Nevo, Israel
Thanks for the pictures Nina, the picture below taken by Terhi Lehto

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To see more pictures of this happy and lovely son of Safir x Lloyd, got to his gallery page here >>
We have been rather buzy lately, so not much time for updates unfourtunately!
The days is passing by and our life is just going on like normal:)
I have a lot of pages to update, pictures, showresults, and x-ray results, litter statistics from our E & F litter!
And everything will be up here.... updates done on Brunette´s obedience results here >>
and her showresults here >> but some results still missing.


And another beautiful star is shining in the sky ♥
This time it´s Asla´s lovely sister Binti, so very sad:( two beautiful sisters now together in Dog Heaven ♥
We want to send all our love to Binti´s wonderful family (Asla´s breeder Kennel Stenänga) who loved and cared for her in almost 12 years
R.I.P Binti 2002-09-15 – 2014-08-05

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I have updated Bosse´s gallery page here >> Bosse is from our first litter our A-litter, Asla x Argos ♥
In a couple of weeks they will celebrate their 9th Birthday!
Awena have met her brother Rossi again:) this time I brought the camera with me:) pictures coming up her later!
She has also met brother Primus:) SEUCH DKUCH SEVCH Ghali Akili af Argos
And more great showresults from Norway:) Primus daughter and grandson received some very nice results again:)!
Primus daughter Nuch Ridgedogs Delicious Ready 2nd Best Bitch and her son Elvis BOB and BIG 1 in Nesbyen.

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