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Today Esther is on day 55 of her pregnancy! it  is just about 1 more week left until the pups arrive.
She is starting to notice the extra weight she is carrying around and it is getting quite heavy  for her on their walks. She gets fed several times a day so that there is room in her belly as well as this last week the puppies increase the most in weight
The puppyroom got finished yesterday,so they have moved into the puppypen,
Now only 8 days left until her expected day of delivery, will she wait until then or will the puppies arrive sooner?
Only time will tell!

It is difficul for Esther to find a comfortable posisiton in the chair. 

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Asla x Minos daughter Sevch Ghali Great Dawn"Yeba" gallery page updated with a few new pictures.
To see more pictures of Yeba go to her own page here >>

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Mum to be “Esther” on day 49 with her big growing belly. She have spend a lovely Sunday out walking in the snow and sunny weather with her pack
The sun has been shining at a 5 cm of fresh snow cover.
Once again they sighted wild boar in the forest.
Fortunately they are a little easier to see against the white snow .

I look forward to kiss Esther´s sweet belly in a few days, I will visit her and the Linner family before the puppies arrive:)
Below are some pictures from the day. Follow Esther´s pregnancy  here >>
And her own page here on our website >>

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Nice results from our grand - kids:)
Ridgedogs In Love With "Elvis" 4th Best Male and  BOS at the National dog show in Letohallen Norway
Elvis is the son of  Primus daughter Ready in Norway
(Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus")
A stunning young boy, big congrats to all involved:)

Etanaridges Majestix by Obelix BOB puppy and BIG 3 in Norway!
He is the son of Caspian´s daughter Dunja in Sweden
(Multichampion Ghali Grand Caspian)
Big congrats to all involved:)

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2015-01-23 The days go by and soon it's only 14 days left until the long awaited miracles enter the world:)!

Esther is growing and getting bigger by the day!
Esther's days begins now mostly consist of rest, food and quieter walks. The remaining weeks of pregnancy is a period of waiting before the big moment .
The fetuses are now about 10 cm long .
By this time you should be able to begin to see and feel the puppies movement;)

The risk with hard exercise during pregnancy is that you do not notice that the bitch take out too much and that she gets both physically and mentally stressed.
If the bitch seems unwilling to follow on the daily walk, so let her by all means be left at home.
Go for a short walk ,so she can stroll at her own pace .

Here are a few new pictures of mum to be, taken yesterday at day 47

Enjoy the latest photos of her below!

Here you will be able to follow Esther´s pregnancy >>

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Gorgeous mum to be! 
She is doing very well and has good appetite:)

Follow how the puppies develop inside the womb!

I have made an pregnancypage ….
For you who are interested in knowing more about the developing of the puppies inside Esther's belly, and follow how the puppies develop inside the womb!
Click here >> 
Följ fosterutvecklingen här >> 

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They've done it again !!

For the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW IS CHIMANI  WINNER of the Swedish Rhodesian Ridgeback Club's Tracking List:)!

Se vch No vch Dk vch Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani" , born in our D-litter 2010, Asla x Minos son.

Approved aptitude test in 2010
Swedish Field/Bloodtracking Champion 2011
Norwegian Field/Bloodtracking Champion 2012
Danish Field/Bloodtracking Champion 2013
Nordic Field/Bloodtracking Champion 2013
Placed as number 6 on the list 2011
Placed as number 1 and winner in 2012 – 2013 – 2014 !
Of 44 possible first prizes he has 40 and lots of Honours prizes

He has also participated and won several tracking competitions with dogs of all breeds.
He has also managed to win THE TITLE NORDIC TRACKING CHAMPION, by taking the champion title both in Sweden , Norway and Denmark.

And by this, he is the only Rhodesian  Ridgeback in Sweden that has gained the title NORDVCH!
An impressive track record!!! And amazing tracking scills:)!
Once in a lifetime dog.....
Anne I know you love being out in the woods tracking , and it shows in the results:)
We wish you both good luck with whatever you will do in 2015.
Huge congratulations team Anne and Chimme, I´m so proud of you both….

Unfortunately I have not had the time to update Chimmes tracking results.
But pictures and older results can be found on his own page here >>

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The oldest in our pack, our sweet Awena in Torekov 2015!
9 years and 5 months old, mother to our beautiful ♥ C & E litter.
Grandmother and very soon grandmother x 2:)!

I 've added some pictures in the photogallery from our days in Torekov at  Lotta and Yeba´s place .
Due to bad light on our early morning walks, the pictures are not of the best quality:(
And to be honest, I didn´t brought the camera with me so much.
I have so many lovely pictures from Torekov already and it is heavy to carry the camera with you on those long walks.
Have a nice weekend:)))))
I am free and will really enjoy it!!!!
Go to the gallery here >>

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This passed week her apetite has been low.
It is perfectly normal that the bitch feels a bit sick at this stage of the pregnancy, they can throw up and eat less. 
But now her appetite is back. she feels great and it´s just like she walk around with a smiling face:) Happy...
Today Esther is on day 37 of her pregnancy, so just about four weeks left until the puppies will be born.
Time is flying by!
You can now start to see that her belly is growing and her behaviour has changed.
Now the real growing of the puppies start, up until now they have been tiny, but now, and especially the last two weeks they will grow into the size they have at birth, which is a lot in such a short time.
Enjoy these photos of the gorgeous mum to be!

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Asla x Argos son Primus has stayed with us for a couple of days in December.
Unfortunately the weather was not on our side:(
so I did not bother to take my camera with me on our walks with the dogs. I hope for better luck next time.
But  a few new pictures of this handsome boy can be found in his gallery page here >>

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Esther has been showing signs these past week of her being pregnant but you can´t completely be sure.
So it was great to get a confirmation by an ultrasound that there are a bunch of puppies growing in her belly.
It is so nice to see those tiny hearts beating! 
So exciting! 
Litter name will be 
LOVE JOY , a proposal I came with since the comet that flew by yesterday named the same.
I think it fits well with two such fine words,  love and joy ♥
I hope that these little ones will give their new owners much love and joy:)!!
The comet is named after its Australian discoverer - Lovejoy:)

The puppies will most likely be born at the beginning of February:) which means that they will be able to move to their new homes around the beginning of April! So great timing for spring!

Are you interested in a puppy from this litter? For showing, tracking, obedience or just as a companion and familymember? Read more about the proud parents to be HERE.
You are very welcome to contact Kennel Wenzake for more information.
Är du intresserad av en valp ifrån denna kull?
För utställning, spår, lydnad eller bara som sällskap/familjehund? Läs mer om de blivande föräldrarna HÄR.
Du är varmt välkommen att kontakta Kennel Wenzake för mer information.

Kennel Wenzake
Eva Linnér
Phone:035 560 30 - 070 376 20 99 
Mail: info@wenzake.se

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Great results from the International Dogshow:)
Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos" Primus" beautiful son Memphis were shown in Championclass:)!
Both days placed as number 3 in Championclass with CQ and 4th Best male!!!
Huge congratulations to all involved.
Below the Champ with his trophy & ribbons

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A whole year has passed since you left us....

It´s a great loss to us all to not have this lovely girl in our lives anymore.
She will forever stay in our hearts and be remembered as the happy loving dog she was!
Love you Asla ♥
R.I.P ASLA 2002-09-15 - 2014-01-05

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I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year 2015!
I hope you all had a nice New Years Eve, and that your dogs handled the fireworks well:)!
We had the same procedure as last year:) as every year....

Enjoy all the beautiful pictures below taken by the owners of the dogs that we have bred.
There are lots of amazing pictures of our beautiful boys and girls ♥
Yes I know I 'm partial:))))))

And some thoughtful words that I will take with me into the new year 2015:)!
There comes a time in your life when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it!
You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Life is too short to be anything but HAPPY!


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