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I have updated our oldest girl Awena's photo gallery with some new pictures taken on her tenth birthday.
To see the photos , click here
I have also made a new gallery to Awena´s son Xavi 4-5 years. To see his gallery , click here >>

Awena´s lovely daughter Vilja's latest show results are updated , To see the result , click here >>

And  Awena´s son Eldar´s showresult and tracking results will be updated as soon as I get more information from his mum. He managed to take a placement as fourth best male at the Ridgeback Specialty Show in Röstånga. 
Handsome Eldar has only been shown on a couple of occations, but when he shows up in the ring or in the woods tracking he performs excellent or take a top position.
He is such a balanced boy just like a lot of his siblings in our E-litter:)

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Safir´s son and daughter Anton & Keniya have participated in a  RR race on Hässlö Dogracingtrack!
Photo Andreas Bohman

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Past weekend the Swedish RR Club held their annual Ridgeback Specialty Show in Röstånga. 
On Sunday two siblings from our E-litter attended the dogshow.
Judge: Lisbeth Mach

Ghali Excellent Eureka"Vilja" 
Sevch Ghali Excellent Nassak"Eldar"
They did well, both got excellent and Eldar ended up as fourth best male.

Congrats and thanks for the pic and updates Emma:)!
Unfortuately I do not have any photos of Eldar from the show:( 

On Saturday Vilja was also shown in Eslöv where she got very good!  

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Asla x Minos son Nordvch Ghali Great Dillon " Chimani " have had two wonderful days in the woods with his mum Anne .

Day  1: Was the tracking competition (all breeds) and Chimme received a 1st prize as well as an Honoursprize:)! His nineteenth HP in his career. He lives up to his name Great:)!
But  however, was the brand new elk smell so great that they had to settle for a honorable 2nd  place in the competition. Such a tracking talent!

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Day 2:  It was time for their debut in Elite Track ...

1200m ingenious devices were prepared for them including a long blood residence at 75 meters and more.
Chimme was so dam good! So had Rhodesian Ridgebacks been allowed to compete in elite tracks officially
He had received a first prize

Congratulations team Anne and chimme ♥ I´m happy and proud of you

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Awena x Wilson son Xavi is an experienced traveler:) this special boy leave Singapore!  To new adventures…    Next destination Spain Barcelona) 

Xavi has now arrived safely  in Spain:)!
Everything has gone well, he is tired but happy.
He landed yesterday morning, but with all paper work that has to be done, he was not reunited with his two legged family until many hours later.
I will thank the Högklint family  for all the info and updates on Xavi and his flight from Singapore to Spain.
And the flightapp , which made it possible to follow him in the air.

Below some new pictures taken when Xavi showing off with Singapore skyline:)!


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More great results for "Esther" Ghali Excellent Misty´s offspring!
Last weekend at the National Dogshow in Öland.
Wenzake Love Joy Dustin"Enzi" being BEST PUPPY -  BOB PUPPY WITH HP
Below you can see beautiful Enzi and his critique:)!
Congratulations to breeder and owner:)!

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A couple of weeks ago I received some new pictures of Safir x Lloyd son
"Zorro" Ghali For I`M Fire N´ice born in our F-litter.
To see more pictures of Mr Handsome, go to his gallery page here 
The picture to the right you can see Zorro and his big brother Zimba pictured on the cliff together:)  Big brother Zimba is a son after Awena's stunning brother Primus:)
Ch Ghali Akili af Argos

Thank you Maria & Melle

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I have updated "Esther" Ghali Excellent Misty, photo gallery with some new pictures of her beautiful offspring:)!
Go to the gallery here

The page about us , is updated with  the Swedish Kennel Club consultant opinion about our Kennel.
They did an unannounced home visit a few years ago, which is the point and it is very good.
What can I say:)? better late than never! but to be honest...
I found it quite recently:) if it´s of interest, you can find it here

I have also received some new pictures of lovely Awena son, Ghali Excellent Troyan ♥
Born in our E-litter, Awena x Wilson
To see more pictures of Mr Handsome, go to his own gallery here

I have also made a new photo page to our sweet Awena and her sweet brother Jamba ♥
because they recently celebrated their 10th Birthday! 
I hope I can fill the photo pages with more pictures eventually:)
Thank you Ingavr for the nice pictures of Mr Handsome:)

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