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I have finally updated Chimmes photo gallery, with some lovely pictures taken by his mum Anne .
Chimme is born in our D- litter, Asla x Minos.
He is such a great tracking talent:) and has managed to become Champion in Sweden, Norway and Denmark
and there by gained the title Nordic Tracking Champion:)!
For those who are interested to see more great pictures of Mr Chimme. Click here
Always the newest pictures at the top of the gallery

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Sevch Ghali Excellent Nassak"Eldar" Winner in the Tracking Championship & 4th Best male at SRRS Dogshow he is born in our E-litter, Awena x Wilson

Finally I have updated Eldar´s Sevch Ghali Excellent Nassak recent performance in tracking and exhibition.
Every year there is a championship in tracking and this year Eldar participated, and he won:)!!
He got dispans of kinship (släktskap) with Wilson.

His trackinresults here
 >> showreults here >>

Below his judgement from the Tracking Championship, (only in Swedish)
Tar an spåret snabbt! Klarar sträckor 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 utan tvekan. Klarar vinklar 1, 2, 4 utan tvekan. Ringar i vinkel 3. Mycket bra spårhund :)!

Now Eldar and mum Åse trains Elite track.

At SRRS Dogshow in Röstånga Eldar was placed as 4th Best male:)!
The judge really liked him:)
And he has only been shown on a couple of occations, but when he does he always got top placements:)

His latest show critique from SRRS Dogshow in Röstånga below 
4years old wheaten excellent dog in top condition and musles. Super temperament and presentation .
Body in all form to the standard. A little straight in over arm. Super neck. Ears too big!! Excellent color.
Excellent mover with super top line and tail.
Big congrats Åse and Eldar and thank you for updates and pictures  

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Two pretty girls:)
" Brunette" Ghali Golden Brunette & "Vilja" Ghali Excellent Eureka
Brunette a daughter from our Asla and born in our B-litter (Asla x Luku)
Vilja a daughter from Awena and born in our E-litter (Awena x Wilson)
All pictures taken by mum Emma


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I have updated the photogallery with some pictures of our breeding and our own girls.
Pictured below, Asla´s beautiful daughter
"Nessie" Ghali Golden Baronesse. Born in our B-litter (Asla x Luku)
You can find the gallery here 

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Safir´s son Ghali For I`M Floyd " Anton" has done a BPH , Behavior and Personality Description Dog ( BPH)
The result:  he is a curious and confident ridgeback:) !

Below you can see Anton's results. Thanks for the pictures and info Karin & Andreas

At a BPH test, the owner takes the dog through a course of seven compulsory modules and one optional ( shot ) staged by trained officers . A describer observe and document the dog's reactions in a protocol .
The description registered with the 
Swedish Kennel Club (SKK ) .

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Another lovely daughter from Safir, lovely Enza. A couple of weeks ago I received some new pictures taken last month. I have finally updated and made a new gallery page for sweet Enza. Go to her gallerypage here >>
Thank you Isabella:)

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Finally I have updated Keniya´s gallery page, I received some lovely pictures of her a couple of weeks ago.
Keniya is born in our F-litter, Safir x Lloyd, to see her pictures click here 
Thank you Ida:)!

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