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Ch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" lovely daughter in Norway, Nuch Ridgedogs Delicious Ready ♥
Stunning daughter Adele 5 months old, she is a daughter from her latest litter the M-litter:)
Pictured below stunning Readty daughter Adele ♥ Ridgedogs Made With Love Adele 
I have updated her gallery page with many new pictures that I received from her breeder. Many thanks to
Ann Kristine at Ridgedogs Kennel for all the nice pictures of Ready and her offspring. For those of you who are interested to see pictures of Adele, click here
>> and scroll down to get to her photo page.
All new images at the top of the gallery page.
I gladly welcome photos on your dogs, so please send  me pictures of your dogs:) it always makes me happy:) ♥ 

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Ready, click on the pic Ready, click on the pic

Ch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" lovely daughter in Norway,
Nuch Ridgedogs Delicious Ready ♥
Pictured below a photo of her stunning son from her L -litter, Love At First Sight Whiskey pictured with his daddy.!
I have also updated Ready offspring photogallery:) Mazhar, Kingo and Aqila
More pictures of sweet Ready daughter Adele will be up her soon. 
Click here to go to their gallery
>> and scroll down 

Father & son
Father & son
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Behind the camera of these lovely pictures of the siblings from our D - litter (Asla x Minos) is Chimmes owner Anne:)
I have updated their individual gallery with some new pictures all taken by Anne.
Nordvch Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani" gallerypage here >>
Sevch Ghali Great Dream"Salma" galllerypage here >>

Nordvch Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani"

Click here to go to Chimmes gallerypage >>

Sevch Ghali Great Dream"Salma" 

Click here to go to Salmas gallerypage >>

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Tolouse gallerypage updated, click here to go to her photo gallery >>
I have updated the statistic page. Here you can find the statistics of the litters born here at Kennel Ghali. You can see what faults we have had in our litters and the results of their X-rays.
We never put down a puppy because of a "beauty faults" like for example ridgeless, ridgefault, bitefault or kinked tail.
At the top of the page I have put together the results from all of our litters, and below you can see the results from each litter seperately click here to go to the statistic page

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I have updated the photogallery for September click here to go to the gallery >>
The picture below is handsome Houdini, Awena x Wilson son born in our E-litter ♥
Sevch Ghali Excellent Dresden"Houdini"
The picture © Susanne W

We congratulate Ch Ghali Akili af Argos" Primus" daughters Telma & Corona:)!
Seuch Sevch Waytogo Halo"Telma" for her 9 little babys:) and Waytogo Corona for her approved aptitude test in blood tracking

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I have updated the photogallery for August click here to go to the gallery >>
The picture below is handsome Vilja, Awena x Wilson daughter born in our E-litter ♥
Ghali Excellent Eureka"Vilja"
The picture © Emma M

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So hard to sit and look at all the pictures of Awena, we miss her so much ♥ words can not describe how much.
A puppy buyer from our C-litter, wrote a few lines on facebook and I can only agree with her, she said.

The Rainbow bridge is calling so many this autumn...
Well the gallery of our lovely girl Awena is updated:) click here to go to her gallery page >> 

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Over the "Rainbow Bridge" you went. I always knew you were heaven sent.
Til we meet again, I cherish you in my heart forever ♥

So many sad news and things happens and has happened during this year. 
Of course there are bright spots but they are not many. Time heals all wounds they say... 

There is another new star shining in the sky!

Ghali Ainra af Argos born in our A-litter, (Asla x Argos) our Awena´s lovely sister.
I want to send all my love to Inra´s wonderful owners ♥
who loved and cared for her ♥
Beautiful Inra I have so many great memories with you. You are deeply missed and will always have a special place in my heart. 

Run free sweet Inra...
R.I.P 2005-08-25 - 2016- 10-05

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