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Wishing you all a Happy Easter. Here our easter bunnies Safir & Tolouse

Glad Påsk Feliz Pascua Hyvää pääsiäistä Glad påske
Glad påske Pasaka ya furaha Vrolijk Pasen Joyeuses Pâques

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This is Xavi ♥ Awena's son he lives in Barcelona,and is not quite that happy with the snow:(
Xavi is born in our E-litter, Awena x Wilson. A very lovely male:) so cool and easy going. Something he already showed early as a puppy.  We had the pleasure of having him with us a few weeks more before his new family picked him up. We were also invited to Barcelona for a few days.

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If everything goes as normal,the puppies are expected at the end of April, with delivery about 18th June!

Asla x Argos son 
Ch Ghali Akili af Argos”Primus” granddaughter ♥ Ch Ridgedogs Love at First Sight"Daia" ♥
will have her first litter with Saimons Pride Never Give Up"Noah" in 2018. 
More pictrues of the mother and father to be here >> 
For more information about this upcoming litter, contact Ann Kristin Ridgedogs kennel 

All pic © Ridgedogs Kennel

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♥ Tolouse ♥ ♥ Tolouse ♥

Today, Ghali's F- litter celebrates their 6th Birthday!
Our own Ghali For I`M Farika"Tolouse" will be celebrated with meatballs cake that is her favorite:)
So huge congratulations to all Tolouse siblings and warm thoughts to their litter brother Zorro who is no longer with us because of a tragic accident:( 
With Love from us all ♥ 

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At the Norwegian Kennel Club's Dog Show on March 17, Ch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" granddaughter Adele managed to take a best bitch placement and became 4th Best Bitch with CK (champion quality)
Congratulations to all involved

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This lovely girl on the picture below is Awena´s granddaughter Dior.
Mother is Awena´s daughter, Ghali Excellent Misty"Esther" born in our E-litter Awena ♥ Wilson
More pictures of
Wenzake Love Joy Dior in her gallery here >>

Lovely pictures taken by Dior's owner when they had their litter of Swedish Danish farm dog. Sure she is sweet and takes care of the puppies as an extra mom, looks good for the future, when she may become mom one day herself.

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Lovely Asla x Minos daughter born in our D-litter ♥
More pictures of this sweet lady in her own gallery here >>

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Awena´s daughter Ghali Excellent Eureka"Vilja"
NO 7 IN OBEDIENCE during 2017!

Huge Congratulations to you both for amazing achievements:)

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Primus lovely daughter Ready, mother to the M-litter Primus lovely daughter Ready, mother to the M-litter

I get so many nice pictures and updates from Norway of Primus daughter Ready and all her wonderful children.
Ch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" daughter Ready in Norway, and her beautiful son Ridgedogs Madewithlove Mazhar pictured below.

Mazhar has now been x-rayed with  BEST POSSIBLE result! HD: A/A ED: 0/0

More Excellent exray results for Ready offsprings:)!

Ridgedogs Made with Love Adele HD: A/A ED: 0/0
Ridgedogs Made with Love Bianca HD: A/A ED: 0/0
Ridgedogs Made with Love Fia HD: B/B ED: 0/0
Ridgedogs Made with Love Maya HD: A/A ED: 0/0 
Ridgedogs Made with Love Hera HD: A/A ED: 0/0
Ridgedogs Made with Love Shanti HD: A/A ED: 0/0
Ridgedogs Made with Love Nestor HD: A/A ED: 0/0
Ridgedogs Made with Love Mazhar HD: A/A ED: 0/0
Ridgedogs Made with Love Zimba HD: A/A ED: 2

Three remains in the M-litter that is not x-rayed
We hope for the same great results for the other siblings
Congratulations to breeders and owners
Many thanks to Ann Kristin on Ridgedogs Kennel for all the beautiful pictures and updates!

Primus grandson Mazhar
Primus grandson Mazhar

The pic © Jaana Niiranen

Click on the picture Click on the picture

granddaughter´s son Jalle:)!
Etanaridge's Mushu By Greif. Surely he is beautiful. grown up to a nice young man with a wonderful head.
I 'm so weak for nice heads ♥

The pic © Gisela

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The puppies have now moved to their new families and will be separated from their mother and siblings. One of them stays in the kennel, sweet miss pink.
Asla x Argos son
 Ch Ghali Akili af Argos”Primus” grandson Ch Ridgedogs In Love With"Elvis" 
sire to these sweeties ♥  more puppy pictures here >> 
All pic © Ridgedogs Kennel 

We say congratulations to Wilson:)
daddy to our E-litter, he celebrated his10th birthday
on March 10th.

The picture © Johanna F

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Ghali For I`M Farika"Toulouse" born in our F-litter, Safir x Lloyd
More pictures in her own gallery here >> 

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Awena x Lex son born in our C-litter
Sweet Vilho lives in Finland ♥ 
He is not quite happy that there are little ridgeback puppies in the house:)

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Hopefully more relatives on it´s way!
Ch Ghali Akiliaf Argos"Primus" lovely granddaughter Ch Ridgedogs Love at First Sight"Daia"
Has been mated with lovelySaimons Pride Never Give Up"Noah"
They have had their date, and it was love at first sight.
Puppies expected in the end of april/beginning of may ♥
Contact Ridgedogs Kennel for more information:)

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her son C.I.B. NORDUCH KBHV-13 GHALI GRAND CASPIAN born in our C-litter (Awena x Lex)
Caspian's children celebrated their 7th birthday yesterday.
I hope you all got very spoiled.
Love to you all from me and the rest of the pack:)

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