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Keniya has participated in a RR race.This is the best she knows, she love it! Next to food and squrrels:) she screams of excitement when she hears the engine...
Beautiful Safir daughter Keniya (Tolouse sister)  Lovely pictures of Keniya in action. She comes from our F-litter (Safir x Lloyd) thank you for the lovely pictures Ida:)

All pic © Ida Mattsson

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Awena's son Xavi moves to Sweden. Xavi has traveled and lived in many places throughout his life.
From Belgium to Singapore and from there to Barcelona. Now he and his family move back to Sweden.
I am looking forward to meeting both Xavi and mum Anne more often now.
Xavi is born in our E-litter (Awena x Wilson) an incredibly cool guy:))
who takes life as it comes and does not stress unnecessarily....

Welcome back sweet Xavi ♥

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Ch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus", great-grandchildren (Daia ♥ Noah)
Time flies!
Soon it is time for the puppies to move to their new homes.We wish you all the best of luck in life, and  hope to follow your development.
More pictures of this cuties you can  find here >>

All pic © Ridgedogs Kennel

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Awena´s daughter "Esther" Ghali Excellent Misty born in our E-litter, Awena ♥ Wilson 
Her lovely son Atlas pictured below.

The pictures © owners & breeder

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This beauty is born in our B-litter in 2008, Asla ♥ Luku. A litter sister to our own Safir ♥
They celebrated their 10th Birthday a couple of months ago.
The picture is taken by Brunette´s mum Emma

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I have updated the gallery for May, click here >> to go to the gallery.  Our lovely girls Safir &Tolouse pictured below ♥
Mother and daughter ♥

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Click here >> to see more pictures of our beloved golden oldie ♥ Safir 10 years ♥

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